Is it true older siblings can sense when mom is pregnant?

  • I'm seven weeks pregnant. Recently, my 23 month old has starting to cling to me. I can't do anything without her underneath me. In fact, she now doesn't want to leave me. In the mornings is worse when I leave her at daycare ( she used to love going to daycare). I know everything at daycare is fine. My husband picks her up in the evening and he says she is happy as she can be there. There is nothing wrong with her, we had her checked out at the doctors. I thought maybe it was her ears or something. Someone told me that she can sense I'm pregnant and that is why she has become clingy. They also told me that I was having a boy since it's the opposite sex that they are attractive to. Has anyone ever heard of this or is this an old wise tale? Any info would help. Thanks 

  • I think it is probably just an old wive's tale. Toddlers go through so many phases. They are clingy at times and way too independent at others. I would just enjoy loving on her and spending as much time as possible with her right now because having two is wonderful, but for me it really made my oldest seem to grow up faster.

  • I tend to agree with you. Toddlers go through so many weird periods. Like right now, my 23-month-old is in a mommy phase after being steadfastly fixed on her daddy for like a month. What I have noticed is that my cat could tell when I was pregnant. She could literally smell the baby and started being more protective of me. It was weird!

  • I can relate to that. My 14-month old is having her first real "mommy" phase. In the past I was the one to walk her when she couldn't get to sleep, and she enjoyed playing with me when all of us were home. Recently she became very mommy focused however. If her mother is in the same room as the both of us, she will not let me walk her and would rather be held by her than play with me. Alternatively, as long as her mom isn't nearby she's happy as can be to spend time with me. It is not personal I know, but I am a little jealous I admit. I don't know if she can sense your pregnancy, but I believe it is more likely your daughter just wants to spend some extra time with you because she is feeling an extra strong need for your attention.

  • This is absolutely true!!! I am a believer.  My 10 month old son, normally doesn't hang up under me, unless he's sick or he has his moments where he will sit with mommy.  Usually he wants to get down and explore and play.  Lately he has been my shadow! Angel  But its so cute, except when i'm trying to cook and he's at my leg wanting me to hold him.  BUt honestly I love it cause he's so cute, he'll be playing and he'll just come over and lay his head on my lap or sit on my lap if i'm sitting on the floor.

  • I swear, it has to be an instinctual thing. Pheremones or something.

  • Just a update...found out we are having a boy! I'm so excited. Maybe there might be something to this tale after all. My daughter has gotten a lot better on being so clingy. Thanks for all the info.

  • i heard a lot about what you have goign on i had the same thing go on when i was pregnant b/c my daughter did the same thing to me and i was having a girl and i had my lil girl on sept 16 2008 and my 1 1/2 year did the same thing to me they know and they can tell that their is goignt o be a new baby in the family but they get used it when the baby gets older and when they get older okay


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