Please help.. food issues

  • So I am 8 weeks along, and I have lost all interest in food.  My tummy is queasy when I don't eat, but nothing sounds appealing.  This is especially hard since I am in charge of dinner for my husband and I. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • It is very natural to have food aversions when you are pregnant, but it is also important to maintain your health. Talk to your doctor and have him follow your weight closely. Even though you may not be interested in food, try to make what you eat as healthy as possible....think quality instead of quantity. Take a good prenatal vitamin and drink plenty of water. If you are queasy at night, then talk to your husband about taking over the dinner routine....if he can't because of work...then you might be able to make dinners earlier during the day or use crockpot dinners. Good luck..hopefully, your nausea will go away within a few weeks.