my body

  • ok so my best friend started to show right away and now looks like a beach ball at 6 months and im five months and barely showing

  • I just had my first child and I'm 32 years old. Don't feel weird about not showing. I did not show until I was at the end of my 5th month. I am rather short 5'2" and weight 145. I gained about 30 pounds overall, and kinda snapped back right after I had her. Be glad!! I thought there was something wrong with me and then poof I puffed out. I should say I was rather compact during pregancy, If someone stood behind me they would never know I'm pregnant. Towards the end you will probaby say, Im glad it took that long to show :)

  • Every pregnancy is different, as every woman is different. As long as you are getting ultrasounds to monitor your baby's growth, then you should not worry. Congrats!!