Due date around the corner

  • I can t take it .... i am due next wed. but was hoping for a sooner delivery.  No,luck.  This will be my second child my first was ten days early.  This pregancy seems like its lingering.... can't wait to have a sound sleep for at leats a couple of hours.  This trimester was really tough for me.  Stilld crossing my fingers for a sooner delivery :0)

  • Congrats! You will have the baby before you know it! Relax as much as you can now! Once the baby comes, you know how busy you will be. Good luck!

  • Good luck! Let us know the happy news!

  • Congrats! I am due April 26th and starting to get that feeling of, "Oh my gosh 8 more weeks of this?" lol. Hope you will deliver soon and safely!

  • My due date is in a few weeks as well the wait isagonizing wandering what day he or she may come but dont worry they come when they are ready.