• I am currently at 14 weeks and I am starting to think of ideas for the nursery. When do you think is a good time to start collecting items and setting up the room? I know I'm still early in my pregnancy but this will be a very busy summer for me and I want to make sure everthing is ready come august!



  • I'm 26 wks pregnant and I had it painted and set up the crib and changing table when I was 21 wks. i just recently started decorating and put the bedding on :) I'm very excited and want to be prepared! Good Luck!

  • It is never too early to start planning!!!! Since the baby usually sleeps in your room the first several weeks, there isn't any rush....but if you are going to be busy this summer, you may want to start. First...pick out a theme for your nursery. Decide whether you want to use this nursery for other children or not and then pick a gender neutral theme if necessary. We chose an animal themed room so all of our children could enjoy it. Then you can register for the bedding of your choice. When you have time, have your hubby paint the room and move the furniture in..Then all you need to do is put in the bedding or the accessories as you get  them. Have fun!!!!