scared ouut of my mind

  • ok im starting 29 weeks and so far so good right? no! im have a rare syndrome and a heart defect and my heart doctor decides to wait all this time to tell us that the baby is putting to much stress on my heart and lungs. im due may 15 as of now and he wants me to have the baby asap. then i go to my  ob-gyn and she says that the baby is already in the head down position and is about 1lb ahead of the normal weight and is bigger then she thought the baby would ever get. she said that my entire belly is the baby and i look like im haveing twins so that says something but im also 4.7" tall. and the doc. said my water may break between the middle and end of march on its own if not i have to do a i start steriod shots in 2 weeks to help the baby but it may hurt me in the process.

    and  not only that Im RH- and might be diabetic. then the father , my boyfriend 's job keeps delaying when they will pay him and we need baby stuff now. we dont have a car and we live with my parents who want us to move out now.  any advice?

  • Wow...okay, so where do I begin. First of all, if you have a heart defect that is compromising your health, then you need to listen to your heart doctor first. No matter what...if you aren't healthy...then the baby will be compromised. If your doctor wants you to deliver the baby, then talk to your obgyn and schedule a day. At 29weeks, your baby will need special attention in the NICU, but there is a great chance he will do just fine. If your heart doctor is okay with it, talk to them about possibly going on bed rest and keeping the baby in even another few weeks. At this point every week helps.

    Sit down and talk to your parents. You can not obviously move right now with a baby on the way and a heart condition. They need to be reasonable and maybe there is something you can do to work things out for the time being. Good luck and please let us know how things go.

  • I know in my communtiy there are programs that are church funded, and community funded to help with needed baby items. We have a pregnancy helpline, and they give diapers and formula.

    You can earn "baby bucks" by watching educational videos, and reading educational material about SIDS, and breast feeding and such. Check in your area to see if there is a program out there that can help you. I know there is somewhere.

    You can join a group for expected mothers, and build new friendships that way as well.

    Keep comining here for advice, and friendships so you know you are not alone, and have support outside your home. As for your parents, things can be hard on everyone, but they will understand. When it comes down to it, putting their pregnant daughter out would be a devasting outcome for everyone envolved. Just try to stay the course, and not to make waves at home. This will also help reducing stress on the little one you are carying.

    Hang in there!