Tired of being pregnant!!!

  • I am almost 27 weeks pregnant and I can not wait until this is over. I had really bad morning (HA!!) sickness for the first 4 months and currently my main complaints are heartburn, faucet mouth and insomnia. I hate thinking like this because I don't want to go into premature labor and have a baby too small to survive, but I really am sick of being pregnant, sick of being fat and sick of being clumsy. Also, everyone seems to have forgotten that I'm an actual person, not just a baby bump! I know I should be grateful that I have such an extended support system and that people care about how the baby is doing, but there's a small part that wants to yell, "What about me?!?!?!"

    I guess I just needed to vent and to see if there are other moms out there that feel the same way. Btw- I'm due June 3rd, but will more than likely have a scheduled c-section the end of May.

    Thanks for listening/reading/whatever!

  • Hang in there! I know that being pregnant can feel overwhelming...(I have had 4 children in the last 6 years!) but trust me when I tell you that it will all be worth it the moment you hold you little baby. That being said, I think you need to de-stress and have some much needed "me" time. Schedule a pedicure or a facial and pamper yourself every chance you get. Go out to lunch with some girlfriends and reconnect with who you are again. More than likely you are just getting anxious and yes...the last trimester of the pregnancy is rough, but it will be easier to take if you go out and have some fun! Good luck and welcome to Strong Moms.

  • I'm only 24 weeks with this pregnancy and just now getting to that point, but I felt the same way you do the from day one with my first.  This one has been easy compared to the last one.  What helped me was swim, swim, swim.  I went to the pool every day.  It is the only place on earth that you are truly weightless and can move freely.  For me, it was also the only place to get him to stop kicking me in the lungs for five minutes!  Stretching helps too, with mobility and stress.  The sleep problems, there is no fix.  Once you hit that point of discomfort, decaf tea, warm baths, and exercise can help, but you will not be truly comfortable enough to sleep until it is over, and then you can't because you have a newborn.  You'll sleep through the night in a few months though and it will be sooooo good.  Emotionally, you need some "me" time.  Here's a silver lining to think about; people who's pregnancies aren't miserable are usually more afraid of labor than those in your position.  When the moment comes, fear won't be on your mind.  It will be cause for celebration. 

  • I'm 26 weeks and due June 14th, and I totally know how you feel. Although I didn't have bad morning sickness but nausea is still a problem now and then for me. I'm JUST starting to feel crippling back pain when I try to lie down, or sit.. or do ANYthing. It feels like there is NO position that is comfortable for me at all! What a drag! But don't worry you're not alone.. we know you're a person and not just a baby bump! I only recently started being seen as 'pregnant' because for the longest time no one could tell at all. I guess my build just hid it really well. But now people actually see that I am pregnant and for some it's nice because they hold doors open for me and stuff, but others they just treat me like an invalid and won't even let me carry my own groceries! I'm pregnant, not a weakling! Anyway. Congrats for making it this far and I hope your baby comes out happy and healthy either in May or June :)
  • i know what you mean. im 31 weeks pregnant and i am ready to get this baby out of me. i can't sleep at night cause he keeps on moving and kicking, and i have to go to the bathroom pretty much every hour and i always feel tired.

    i have a support group too that only asks about the baby. im the one who's carrying the baby so they should make sure im ok too. another reason i need a lot of support is because im in school and with school comes stress so i need to help relaxing.

    i got 2 months to go but it feels like 6 months to me.

  • I can sympathize! I am due March 30 and I can't wait to have my baby girl! I feel heavy and bloated and heavy-footed. I haven't been sick in the mornings, which is great, but every smell bothers me and I haven't slept good at night in months. I can't seem to find a comfortable position. The time will come soon enough, so hang in there!! Being pregnant is such a great experience and cherish it. Once it is over, we'll most likely miss it! Good luck! and Congrats!

  • Thanks for all of the kind replies! I still feel tired of being pregnant, but it helps to have other people that kind of validate what I'm feeling right now, instead of looking at me like I have 3 heads. I wish everyone the best! Yes

  • I'am only 16 weeks and barely can do the things I use to do. This will be my 3rd child, and yes, I'am tired of being pregnant. So, this would be my last one =). But, as a simple fact, I'am a petite person who only weighs 98lbs before I got pregnant. It is a little harder on me just because I'm not use to be caring all that weight. And even gaining close to 15lbs already in my second Trimester, I feel Exhausted! But of course, in the end it will be ALL WORTH IT!  I just can't wait for her to be here the end of AUG!!!! 

  • Reading these posts has made me feel a little better too.  I'm 26 weeks (due June 22nd) and I'm just TIRED.  I was sick for the 5 months of my pregnancy and then I've had the stomach flu twice in the past two weeks!   I just feel like I have no energy all the time and getting up in the morning is tough.  (When I've been able to sleep - that is...)  And the heartburn!  Oh - that has been bad all along and it only seems to get worse some days.  Also, I swear that every day someone comes up to me and says "You're bigger than you were yesterday!"  Really?  Is that supposed to make me feel good.  Plus - if I were actually that much bigger every day then I wouldn't be able to walk right now.

    (sigh) Ok, it felt better to get that out.  I really am so thankful to be pregnant and I can't wait to meet our daughter.  Some days it's just hard.  And I want to feel like me again.

    Good luck everyone! ~

  • Some days are harder than others, that's for sure! Some days I feel like I could do this forever, I'm feeling great and all. I haven't had to take off my rings, nothing is swollen but my belly (and my husband is convinced that I finally 'have a butt' which i think is hilarious considering i've always been very non-shapely) But these past couple of days I've been having the hardest time sleeping. I never thought I would, I always sleep like a log!

    It wasn't until last week (26 weeks i guess?) that i had my first hard time sleeping, and the little baby's kicks are strong enough now to actually wake me up! the nerve! I guess she's reminding me that soon I will be getting even LESS sleep when she comes out and demands attention! 


  • I know this is a late reply but I would just like to say that it is nice to hear someone else going through it too.  I am 25 weeks pregnant and not due until July 6, I completely understand where your coming from.  I had a rough first 4 1/2 mths too always sick could barely keep anything down, now I am always tired and I am in so much pain from my body strecthing my hips always hurt and my back feels like its on fire thank God for heating pads. I am a full time student falling asleep in class, so I can only imagine how someone would feel if they had a full time job.  Also now that the baby is moving around more its becoming really uncomfortable.  I brought a body pillow to help at night but its definitely fun to go out for dinner or a movie with my friends because I'm not focusing on being pregnant. 

    Anyway though Congrats and it will be over sooner than you know!