first time mom

  • ok so i am 16 weeks on sun and the doc said im suposed be feeling somthing any day now but i cant tell if its the baby or my body any tips on how to tell the diffrence?

  • Thats a really good question... I wanna start off by saying congrats to you. Its also my first time being mommy... I will be 16 weeks on wednesday... are u expecting a boy or girl?

  • I'm a first timer too and 29 weeks. I remember having the same question and not knowing.  Basically you will feel a light "tapping" really light (i thought it would be like a stronger kick).  Almost like you have air bubbles in your stomach but you will know when it happens in the same spot a couple of times.  Good luck!!!

  • Congrats to you!  I just had my daughter in November and I can remember the first time I felt her felt like a little flutter in my stomach and I was not sure if it was her or not I though it could of just been gas or something!  But it was her. It is such a wonderful feeling...then you will start to feel the BIG kicks soon enough and you will know for sure it is your baby moving in there...Best of Luck!