Baby kicks, punches, and carwheels?

  • When I was reading through all the literature several months ago most of it said that the baby would move but not to expect it every day and not to be worried if I didn't feel anything for several days at a time.  However, not a day goes by that I don't feel the little rascal flexing, kicking, rolling, and I swear there have been some form of gymnastics going on in there every now and again. I'm at 27 weeks and I can already see the skin of my stomach move when the baby pushes against it, my husband can feel the baby move when he places his hand on my tummy, and if I'm snuggled up behind him he can even feel the baby kicking his back!

    How active were/are your babies before birth?  Does this indiacte that we're going to have a wild child on our hands or might the baby mellow out?  Should I be worried about positioning yet and whether the baby is going to end up tangeled in the cord?

  • As far as I know (and have experienced!), baby movements should be a regular thing. In the beginning of the time you can actually feel the movements, they may be few and far between. But as you progress, they will become very frequent and you should keep track of the movement. Most OB's recommend keeping "kick counts" to ensure the baby is moving and healthy. When you fall below a certain number, they usually want to check you and the baby out to make sure everything is okay.

    Things get REALLY interesting toward the end of the third trimester, when space is at a premium. I remember spooning in bed some mornings with my husband at around 8 months. My daughter didn't like the pressure on my belly, so she would kick him in the back. He would make a movement toward her and she'd retaliate. It was the funniest thing!

  • My son didn't move very much. It was a big deal when he started flipping around. My daughter however, drove me nuts. She moved so much that I panicked when she didn't move for a couple of hours and ran to labor and delivery for an ultrasound. :) 

  • I'm 24 weeks pregnant and my baby does the same thing!  She pokes, kicks, swirls, does jumping jacks and cartwheels.  I'm pretty sure it's normal.  I'm just waiting for the end when there's no room and she starts doing it.  I'm going to have bruised ribs or something!

  • My last baby crowded my diaphragm toward the end. Just talking on the phone made me winded!

  • I know that my daughter was moving around a bit, but I don't think she got that wild in the womb.  However, it's a totally different situation now.  She's going to be four and she's a handful.

    I'm 22 weeks pregnant now and my little boy moves around so much.  He's been doing so for several weeks now.  My boyfriend still can't feel the movements, but I sure can!  Whenever I'm sitting down to relax he starts kicking at me.  On occasion I can feel it when I'm standing up too.  He hasn't been doing any of the crazy flipping around or anything.  I kinda wish he would just because he's breech.