Twins! Double the mix of emotions!

  • I just found out I'm having fraternal twins! It's still early as I'm only 7 weeks pregnant. I'm 33 years old, pretty healthy (I could always eat healthier and exercise more) and thrilled with the news but extremely nervous about health risks to the babies and myself due to carrying and delivering twins. Anyone else in the same boat that can give me some advice? I'm especially scared that I'll go into labor before 36 weeks. What really are the chances of something going wrong? Yes, I'm a worry wort!

  • You are expecting twins, so the maternal instincts give you much to worry about. Being a father, I can't give you much practical advice, but just try to remember that it is out of your control so try to relax, as hard as that is. Just make sure to get all the support you need from family and friends... they should be able to help relieve some of the pressure you are feeling.

  • Congrats!! You must be so thrilled. I can understand your anxiety.  I had my fraternal boys Oct 2009. I was 33 when I found out I  was having twins as well. I too was very nervous about health risks and going into labor too early. I made it to 37 weeks and 1 day. And I had to be induced. My boys were very comfortable where they were.  My best advice to you would be not to let the worry take over you. I would hold my breath at every appt, until I heard those two little heartbeats.  You can research every possibility that could go wrong in the pregnancy, but it will do you no good. Stress just leads to bedrest and when you are stressed your babies are too. I didn't go on bedrest, thank goodness. I had my scares or concerns during the pregnancy. At  24 weeks I was told that baby "B" was measuring small for 24 weeks, his femur and humerus bones were short which is a marker for DS. They wanted to do an amnio on both boys and my Quad screen came back positive as well.  I was scared, but I just kept the faith that the boys would be fine.  I had to have Non-stress tests done twice a week and had to have fetal growth scans done once a week for the rest of my pregnancy. Baby "B" was maintaining his own growth rate.  Baby "A" was 6lbs 9oz and my little peanut "B" was 5lbs 1oz. Both were in perfect health and now are going to be 6 months in April and "B" weighs more then his brother.  I know it's scary. but just try to relax.  Best of Luck to you


  • Thanks for the advice. I am definitely feeling better about things now. Just counting down the days until week 12.

  • Thanks for the personal story. It's so good to hear that you delivered relatively late, at good weights and with healthy boys!  Any advice on how to do the same or is it luck?

  • I would say that it is more or less luck.  I am fortunate enough to not have to work, so I was able to take it easy as much as I wanted to. Although I really didn't do too much napping when I was pregnant.

      I tried to watch what I ate and drank. LOTS of water and milk.  Water gets pretty boring pretty I used those crystal light packets for awhile.  Just don't use them all the time.  That would be way too much artificial sweetener in your body and your babies.  I didn 't work out very much.  I would go for walks though....while it was still nice out and not too hot. 

    There is not much you can do to keep those babies inside you for as long as possible. Keep the stress levels low, make sure you trust your OB and what he/she is telling you, if you have questions..ASK!!  Don't research too much info, you will go crazy with worry.  Don't panic with every ache and pain, I know I did for awhile.  Just enjoy your pregnancy and your growing belly.  I know I miss my belly and the closeness I felt with my boys, when they were still inside of me.

    Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Congratulations!! How amazing. I have 5 month old fraternal twin boys. I too am a worry wort, but try not to worry too much :) I personally delivered at 30 weeks 3 days, and my boys spent two months in the hospital. I was 24 when I got pregnant, and otherwise healthy. I'm not replying to scare you, but just to say that like the other mom said, alot of it is luck. My pregnancy was perfect until 24 weeks when my cervix started effacing ALOT, and I was put on bedrest. That said, I have a good friend who went to 41 weeks with her girls!! 

    As the saying goes, expect the best, prepare for the worst. I skipped all the preterm birth and NICU chapters in the twins books that I had, but in reality, I should have read them. It would have prepared me much better. It's good to just be informed. Hopefully this will all be moot and everything will be wonderful and term. 

    My boys are home now and doing wonderfully, they have both almost quadrupled their birthweights! Even if you do go early, babies are incredibly resilient and are capable of overcoming amazing obstacles. 


    Congratulations again!