Changing Cravings & tooth ache

  • Now I wasn't sure if I ever believed in cravings while pregnant.. I mean my husband and I aren't super well off or anything so often whatever goes into the fridge is often just the necessities. But I have noticed that at the start of my pregnancy I couldn't get enough fresh fruits. Apples, oranges, bananas, smoothies, it was great because I know these are healthy and part of the baby needing nutrients and beneficial for me for the fiber. But now the idea of fresh fruit is really turning me off, mostly because my teeth are now super sensitive. (I've been to the dentist about 4 times since I became pregnant, they're keeping an eye on me.) I've had severe tooth ache/pain in some teeth in particular in the past couple weeks and I have no idea why. The dentist said it was fine, probably pregnancy related anyway and gave me some special toothpaste to deal with the pain. No signs of cavities or anything though. What's worse though, is now I don't crave healthy foods, and I've ALWAYS been a hippy-granola vegetarian type health nut.. but now I'm craving moon pies, cookie dough, ice cream, jelly beans, and most of all CHOCOLATE. I've never even LIKED these things before. Is this normal? I feel like my teeth are going to rot out of my skull because this baby keeps demanding sweets! Is craving sweets normal? I was 130-135lbs not pregnant and now I am at 26 weeks and I weigh 150lbs. Am I craving 'bad' foods because I"m not gaining enough weight, or am I gaining weight too fast because I'm eating junk?
  • Not sure why we crave junk food when we are pregnant, but unfortunately it is true! Try not to give in to your cravings all the time and try to substitute healthy choices when possible. If you are craving chocolate, why not drizzle some chocolate sauce over a poached pear or over some fresh raspberries. If you are craving salty chips, try dipping some pita chips in fresh salsa or least that way you are getting some nutrition on top of it. If all else fails, have that moon pie but tell yourself you'll only have one.