First time mom to be

  • Hi! My name is Cecilia and I am from Florida..I am now 35 weeks and due on April 17,So far my pregnancy been doing good and don.t even experience morning sickness and weird cravings. All i'm having now is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, did anybody have the same symptoms like cramping and numbing of fingers especially in the morning.Your input is highly appreciated.Thanks.

  • I don't know if this will help, but during my pregnancy I experienced severe leg cramps early in the morning. I don't know if the carpal tunnel feels the same or has any correlation. But do you have any other swelling or numbness anywhere else? I also had very puffy ankles.  Cool compresses helped me, but mostly I just grinned and beared it, you are in the home stretch you will make it. Take care of yourself.

  • ThanksSmile..I don't have any swelling at my ankles and even cramps on my legs ,it's just the numbness of my fingers and pain on my wrist, my OB told me it's carpal tunnel due to pregnancy because of fluids.I splint my wrist at night and it helps though sometimes i woke up with cramps on my hands,i just bear it..It's funny coz sometimes i cannot close my bra coz it hurst when i twist my wrist..few more weeks, i hope i will get over it as soon as i delivered my precious baby..