We're having a BOY!!

  • On Wednesday, March 10th we had our second ultrasound and discovered that we're going to be having a little boy!

    His name is Roland Curtis Ashely and he is due on July 25th.

    Everything is great, all of the fingers and toes are accounted for..I made them double check because my niece was born with amniotic band syndrom. She has most of her forearm and a little nub on the end with a couple of teeny tiny fingers. She does amazingly well with it but I wanted to make sure that they got the full count with Roland.

    He's about a half pound ahead of his weight schedule but ultrasounds aren't really a good weight predictor so I guess we'll just see if he's a big baby when he comes out. I wouldn't be surprised, his Dad was a nine pounder, haha.

    Things are hectic since I'm about to be a 19 year old mom. Ryan and I are trying really hard to get everything in order. We want to make sure that we have a stable home for when Roland gets here.


    That's about all for now. I'll post more updates when I get them. Smile

  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!! I have 3 boys and a girl and my little boys are soo much fun and sooo affectionate. They truly are "mommy's boys!". I am so excited for you and I am glad you found Strong Moms...good luck with the pregnancy and can't wait to hear more!

  • Congratulations! Best of luck in the future and rely on Strong Moms to help alleviate the stress!