nov. due date

  • I am due nov.17th with my 4th child.....have two boys 11, and 6, and a daughter 10. This was very unexpected...still trying to believe that I am....

  • Congratulations! Your other children must be so excited as well. I know it might be stressful in the short-term, but what a wonderful blessing. Good luck!

  •  congrats i am due May 9th with my first child n it is a girl n i am scared

  • Thanks, congrads to you too!!!! There is not much to be scared will just instictively know what to do...I remember I was soooo scared with my first...and now I look back and think I worried for nothing...It will change your life, but is all worth it. Good luck....ever need to talk I am here....I am on number 4 so I know a liitle about everything.


  • Thanks....My other kids seem excited for now....hope they still are when the baby is here....It will be nice this time around to have help from them. Yes it is a wonderful blessing!!!


  • I am due Nov 18th with my 5th child.  We lost #4 at 16 weeks back in July so we are scared but so excited!  I've taken 2 home tests, had a blood test and seen the OB and i'm still having trouble believing it's for real!Smile

  • Hi, I am due Nov. 16th and this is my first pregnancy so I'm excited. I'm not really scared about having a miscarriage because I feel that the Lord will protect me. In 4 weeks which then I will be 9 1/2 weeks, my husband and I will get to experience our first ultrasound. I'm excited!