pregnant after a partial molar pregnancy

  • Last year at this time, I was recovering from a d&c after discovering at 15 weeks our baby had died. We had seen a heartbeat at 11 weeks, but the doc said if she had looked closer, she should have realized the placenta was abnormal and known then something was wrong.

    After a long year and a lot of growth between me and God and me and my husband, we are so excited (and scared) to be preggers again. i am 7 weeks and have my first app tomorrow. It is only with the nurse and blood work. I really want to have an ultrasound to know everything is ok.  Is there anyone who has been through this? I had never even heard of a molar pregnancy until I had one. I pray for our little one everyday and try to stay positive.

    Thanks for responding.

  • I just want to say God Bless you! I know how it feels to lose a baby! Trust me it's a horrible feeling. God has given you this baby because this is your miracle baby. I know that you will be okay, because I am and now I am 4 months and 2 days and we also very happy. Let me tell you! God is very good! Keep your faith and all will endure.

    Have a great morning, evening, and night Wink

  • Hi, I know your fear and concerns. You can't help but wonder is their a heartbeat. I lost my 2nd child last year at 16 weeks I went for a regular checkup and there was no heartbeat. Oddly I just had a sono at 13 weeks and she was very active and barely staying still so I don't know what happened. At 6 weeks this year I found out we we're pregnant again, very excited, and very scared. I too couldn't wait for my 1st ultrasound which was done at 6 weeks and there was the little flicker of the heartbeat. I then went again week 7 and week 8, still a heartbeat but before each appt extremely nervous. Now when I went to my ob 2 weeks later at 10 weeks still a heartbeat but you just can't help but feel nervous and scared I know. Everyone just says have faith in God and if it will be, then it will be. I'm praying for my little one and yours as well. It is so hard not to stress and worry and I try very hard everyday and pray. Good luck.