Patiently waiting...

  • Hello Everyone,
      I'm a 1st time mom and I just turned 20 weeks.. Big Smile As I've been reading the week-by-week progress of babies, I realized that they start making movements you may feel in the 19th week! I'm pretty sure my baby is wiggling in there. I'm not exactly sure what to look for, as far as how it would feel when I actually FEEL my baby move.. Confused  Any tips would be great!!

  • You hear the word FLUTTER a lot and that is the best word for it in the begining. A little flutter or rumble. It seems to be the feeling like your tummy rumbling when you hungry, but without the hunger or air. The first few times you'll probably second guess it, but you'll get to recognise it as you go on... and it's the best feeling in the world!!!!

  • when i was first felt my baby move i was about 19 weeks i wasnt sure if what i felt was my  baby so i ask everybody what it felt like.  it is a little flutter its so amazing i miss being pregnant already and my baby is only 7 weeks old the farther along u get the more excited u wull get and that last couple of weeks seem like a month