38 Weeks and have the pregnancy blues

  • I feel horrible for complaining but mother nature is mean. I just went through hours upon hours of false labor getting a little excited about maybe finally getting to hold my lil man in my arms but the contractions started to subside and now I just feel incredibly let down/depressed. To me it seems like I have been pregnant forever and I just cannot wait to see his little face and hold him and play with his little feet. I know he wont come until he is ready but when mother nature gives me that false hope it really really sucks. Just wanted to get that off of my chest. Hopefully work later today will take my mind off of everything.

  • The last few weeks of pregnacy can be sooo rough, especially when you are dying to meet your little one. But before you know it, he will be here....until then, try to spend the next few weeks pampering yourself with some of the fun things you won't get to do too much when the baby arrives. Have a pedicure, take a long bubble bath or go on a fun date night with your "man". Have fun...and try your best to relax and get some last minute sleep! You will need it when the big day finally arrives. Until then..good luck and let us know when he gets here.