Baby Names

  • I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first child and I found out that I am having a girl.  I am at a loss for names though, I thought I would just use one of the ones that I chose before I was pregnant but it seems like none of them are good enough.  I decided that I will try and pick three names to go to the hospital with but I am not sure how I feel about them I want something original but something that people can pronounce... The names are Kamdyn Noelle, Makenna Shaylee, and Hayven Janai...

    What do you think??? I need help and if you have any ideas let me know...


  • Names are tough... ever since I turned up my nose at the name she chose for her daughter, I have learned to keep my opinions to myself, good or bad.  We have two girls and my wife and I never agree on names. We basically went into the delivery room still discussing it. But both times, we were really happy with what we chose because our beautiful daughters have made their names so special to us. I think you will feel great about the name no matter what you call your baby girl.

  • Personally i love Kamdyn Noelle. Its very original. i think u should wait to see ur little one before u make a die hard decision though...

    my mom was gonna name my lil sister  Diamond Tiarra, but once we got a look at her, we knew it was just too dainty for her. We ended up naming her Jidira Bethany and it fits her perfectly.

  • Personally, i love Kamdyn Noelle.  Very original, yet, a very strong name.  With my first child, we woke up one day and Mason popped into our heads, and we stuck with it.  Once we saw our baby for the first time, we knew that it fit him well.  With this pregnancy (9 years later) I came up with Lance Joseph.  You don't hear it very often.  We are very adamant about having names that cannot be shortened by anybody.  If we wanted a shortened version, than that is what we would have named him to begin with.

    Hope this helps.  Enjoy your baby girl!

  • Hi, those are very pretty names. When I picked my daughter's name I forgot it and forgot to take it to the hospital when I gave birth. I had to send my husband home for the book because I couldn't remember the name I chose. I like your 1st and 3rd name choices. Take them all with you, when she's born she may look like one of them and that will help you choose. Good luck.

  • First you can't worry if people can't pronounce something. A lot of people just doen't take the time. I have a daughter named Kailaigh which is the Celtic spelling of Kayla (the spelling everyone knows and can can pronounce on the first time)  but when my husband saw her he knew that was the perfect name for her. Go with what you like and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.

  • I like all of them. Me and my fiance' picked out Noelle for the middle name of our first child too. But its gonna be Madison Noelle or Aaliyah Noelle. Were not sure of the sex yet but it is very stressful to pick a name. They will be stuck with it for the rest of their life! haha good luck to you!