Is it like riding a bike? Due October 9th!

  • Hi. I am new to this site. I am pregnant with my third child. We have two boys ages 10 and 6. My youngest will be turning 7 in May. I have pretty much forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant. I can tell you that with my first two I never had morning sickness. The morning sickness was a whole new ball game for me. I was getting sick after everything that I ate and even dreaded eating at all. I am going to be 12 weeks this Saturday and my morning sickness seems to be subsiding. However, now I feel like I am eating every minute of the day and I have graduated to maternity pants. They are still a little big, but my other clothes just aren't too comfortable anymore.  I am hoping that I don't gain too much weight!

    I don't seem to remember how far along I was in my first two pregnancies before I started feeling movement.. When is the normal time? It has been so long for me. Is pregnancy and infant-care like riding a bike?

  • It is like riding a bike, mine is the same as yours. My one is 12 now, other just turned 7 and I am 13 weeks along. Never had a day of morning sickness before but this baby I feel it all the time. Getting to be less but now I can not seem to eat or drink very well. They do say however that when it becomes your 3rd or higher pregnancy that your uterus will react faster to the pregnancy making our tummies grow a little faster then before. Guess it knows what to do now :) Though the baby is moving like crazy however we will not feel it till after 20 weeks for sure. I was I think in my 5th month with my last two when I felt what I thought was gas bubbles but was in fact the baby. Once you get those just a few weeks and you will really feel it moving. We have a ways to go though.
  • I would say yes and no, Simply because every pregnancy is different and so is every child. Yes it will all come back to you, but you'll find that some things that worked with other pregnancies and children dont work with the new child. i believe it was around 20 weeks when i felt my second (due in june) move. I also showed sooner with this child because I guess your body "remembers" and prepares for it sooner. I've also started to gain weight sooner then with my first. 

  • I don't know about riding a bike. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my third. My boys are 5 and 19months. So, not as long between. But, I do know that every pregnancy is different. I felt a big difference in my energy level between 1st and 2nd. With the 2nd pregnancy I felt baby moving at around 14 weeks. Infant care, medications, car seat laws and what you can or can't eat are always changing so even though I had a baby 19 months ago. I am re-reading or getting updated versions of baby books so I know whats new. Crackers, even before getting out of bed, are good for morning sickness. Take care.

  • Hello to you!  I am new to the site also.  I believe that this is like riding a bike in a lot of ways, but in others, not so much.  I am 23 weeks along with my second child.  My first is turning 9  in 2 weeks.  I have to start all over again, with everything, except for a crib.  With my son, i was sick 24/7, and lasted the entire pregnancy. It was horrible.  With this pregnancy, i was sick for about a 4 week period.  It all subsided by my 13th week.   Although by my 13th week i looked like i did with my first child at 5 months.  My doctor said, i will get larger quicker because my body is already stretched, and knows exactly what to do now.  I am in my 5th month, and now the heartburn is getting to me... that is something that started in the sixth month with my first and lasted til birth.  I felt movement with my first in the middle of my 6th month, but with this pregnancy, i felt it at 17 weeks, and i could put my hand on my stomach and feel kicking/ punching at 20 weeks.  I have a football player hanging out in there!  I have gained 24 pounds, but now it is slowing down a little.  i was averaging 2 pounds a week there for a while, now i am averaging right at 1 pound per week.  So, like i said, it is a lot like riding a bike, but in some ways it is not.    It is a big eye opening experience for me since my son is 9, and here i am, having my second at the end of July.   Hope this helps!

  • See I'm not even looking at as big of a time difference, with my two My son just turned 5 in mid-March and i'm due in mid-June with our Girl and i was making up a wish list and i'm seeing all kinds of things that have me saying i wish i had that 5 years ago...and i also find my self looking at things that i had then and going wow that really didn't do any good then but now they have this and it's the same but this just looks like it will be more useful.