9 Month and c section

  • This is my 3rd Baby my first is 6 and the second is 5 they were born on the same day both are c section.My last period was on Sep. 7 and conception probably Sep. 15 due date June 14.

    I am not suppose to wait till the end of the 9 month because it is dangerous as they say on the uterus.

    I also had an AVM discovered just after my second son delivery and treated by the Gamma Knife Radiation an Mri was made in 2006 three years after treatment which shows the AVM has been treated but i was suppose to make a DSA to make sure 100% it ocluded but I didn't.

    So I have to avoide high blood pressure and normal delivery.

    My question is i want to deliver my third baby on the 12th like his or her brothers as my due date is June 14 but Dr. say i can deliver 10 days earlier to avoid labor, but they were give me the final answer to wait or not when we are close to nine month is there anyway i can avoid my baby to go down and go into labor. i wish to finish the nine month but afraid to risk it.

  • My daughter was born by c-section 4 years ago.  She was due on March 17 and born on March 2 after my water broke.  My doctor was going to schedule the c-section about 10 days before her due date, but she didn't even wait that long.  I don't know if I'm going to wind up with a c-section this time or not, there are several factors that could lead to one.  I'm planning on speaking with my doctor and finding out what my odds really are of needing on and if I do need one I want it scheduled at least 10 days early.  I mean, why go into labor if you are going to have a c-section anyway?  

    It would be for all three of your children to have the same birthday, but it sounds like they're going to be pretty close anyway.  You could always celebrate all their birthdays on the same day each year or give them each one weekend in June as they get older and want their own parties.  If it puts you or your baby at risk by going full-term I'd say to schedule the c-section whenever the doctor suggests it.  Good luck!

    By the way, I'm due June 25 (go June mommies)  Let me know how things turn out for you!