HELP! what not to eat when pregnant????

  • hey guys! i'm starting to get so irritated because i've researched online what not to eat when pregnant and every sight says different things! I had a baby 2 years ago and there are thing it's saying i can and cant eat that i dont remember from back then! please help if anyone knows a website i might be able to check out with good information i'd really appreciate it!

  • Honestly my wife loves coke, but she avoided it early on in the pregnancy and kept it to a can a day or so for the rest of it. Other than that I think she avoided raw fish (sushi was out, but lox (smoked salmon ) was fine). I dont think she skipped much, if anything else. Like any other time eating she just focused on eating healthy and taking her pre-natal vitamins as much as possible.

  • I'm looking for a site myself, but I do know that there's something in certain teas you're not supposed to have, meats must be fully cooked, milk products pastureized, but i am still looking for more info on the subject.  I have my first appt. on march 20 so I am going to see about getting a list from the doctor.

  • Limit caffeine. No alcohol. Check all meds with your doctor first. Avoid fish high in mercury such as: swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel. Basically, the bigger the fish, the higher the mercury content b/c they eat smaller fish that contain mercury. Everything needs to be cooked well, so no sushi or eggnog. No soft cheeses unless they are made from pasteurized milk. Heat all lunch meat and hotdogs until steaming hot. Wash veggies and fruit very well.

    Really this is all I can think of. I know I broke some of these rules by accident when I was pregnant. A list is a good thing to have. You might ask the doc if you can run by and pick up one before your appointment.

    Don't forget your prenatal vitamin!

  • yeah go to web md and it will tell you what to eat and not eat i basically just eat anything i am hungrey for as long as i do not feel sick


  • I had my first appointmenet with the nurse yesterday and she also mentioned that if you are a tuna fish eater that you should only eat lite tuna and limit it to once a week. As for Deli meats, you should always try to get them to cut it in front of you. And if you buy the ones that already cut, you should heat it up due to a bacteria that they might carry.

  • I have never heard of heating up the lunch meat and ate it my whole pregnancy and was fine! What I have not read anywhere but know from experience is Iced tea made me sick. I was told that IT is prone to food born bacteria and many restaurants do not clean the IT containers good!  Also the only other thing that I did not specifically see listed is Blue cheese and blue cheese dressing (soft cheese)