Daddy blues

  • I am 28 years old first time mother 24 months my baby girl is due July 30th. Is anyone Baby's father giving them the blues like mine? I am the only one paying for everything: Doctor visit,Babys furniture, acessories for the crib. This is so frustrating!! He isnt working right now but when he does get his hands on some money it goes on guess who? Himself. I have broken up with him cause I just can't bare having someone in my face that can't support me or my child. He keeps saying what he is going to do but never does anything. This counts for everything even before I was pregnant and when he was working he never goes through with anything he says he is going to do. I try not to be mean when he calls to check on me but I cant help it. Any suggestions

  • You can't blame him for being the same person he was prior to your pregnancy. If he was always this way, he won't change for the pregnancy. It is very difficult to change a person or his/her views, and although you expect him to be more responsible, which you should, you should not expect much of a change. You need to continue to focus on you and the baby and try to include the baby's father in as much as possible. Congrats and good luck!

  • PediNurse is right...pregnancy will not change him and  chance are---becoming a father won't either. While he may grow up at some point in life, you can't wait around for it to happen. Focus on your child and on being the best mother you can be. Try to involve him as much as you can, but when it comes to relying on him---I wouldn't.

  • I agree with PediNurse.  Unfortunately, at this point, the father is who he is doing to be!.  You are doing the right thing and focusing on you and the baby.  Maybe he is trying to get everything he can  prior to the baby's arrival.  Men are selfish and really have a difficult time sharing.  He will soon come around, but until then continue to involve him as much as possible.  Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.