nervous with lots of questions

  • I am a first time mom. I am due Nov. 19. I had my first ultra sound on April 1. It was great to see that little heart beating away. I am so excited but every day I worry if everything is going ok inside. Being so early in the pregnancy you don't feel anything. I wish i could look inside and make sure all is well. I don't have my next appointment until April 29. Is this feeling of worry normal? Are there any signs I should look out for that indicate something is wrong? I feel tired most of the day, I use the bathroom at least 100 times a day and my breast are killing me. So that means everything is still good? I'm so confused and nervous. I just want to have a healthy baby. thanks in advance for any advice.

  • What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. I used to worry with each pregnancy, especially early on when you can't feel movement yet. Once you feel the baby moving, you get constant reassurance every time he kicks! Until then, take your prenatal vitamins, listen to your body and rest when you can and talk to your obgyn about your concerns. Unfortunately, so much of it is out of your control....try not to worry yourself sick though---that is not good for the baby either. If you experience any pain or strange symptoms, notify your ob immediately...otherwise, try to have fun and enjoy your pregnancy! Congratulations and welcome to Strong moms.

  • I know exactly how you feel. And every mom does! I had my first baby in January. A girl. I remember being sooo scared that everything was going ok. I would analyze every symptom. Those first couple of months are very scary because you just dont feel pregnant, and you are getting used to the idea of having a little person growing inside you. As long as you have no bleeding, everything is fine. I even had a little bleeding and everything was still fine. After a heartbeat is detected, the chances of something going wrong are so small. You will start to feel pregnant before you know it. I first felt movement at 17 weeks, and could feel it from the outside at 19. Enjoy your pregnancy, it really does go by fast, and before you know it you will be waddling everywhere, and soon you will have a precious baby in your arms.

  • I thank you guys so much. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  • Dpullo - I am with you, extremely nervous from time to time (I'm a worry-wart by nature, unfortunately) and just want to know everything is OK.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just open a little window shade and peek in our bellies and see how everything's progressing?  Since we can't do that, just try to stay positive and enjoy every aspect of your pregnancy that you can. :) 

  • I wish I could do that. I'm nervous now because I have a bad cold and I'm on antibiotics. Everyone keeps saying it's sad you can't take anything. but I am. I spoke to 4 different doctors and they want me on them so that I get better and not worse. I just hope my baby is not effected by the antibiotics. I can't wait for my next appointment to make sure all is well. Thank you again for your support.

  • I wouldnt worry too much as long as your OBGYN okay'ed the antibiotics. I know how u feel about being nervous bc I sure am! I miscarried my first pregnancy and am now 5 weeks into my second and am so scared of a repeat but ill feel better once I get to see the heartbeat in a couple weeks :)

  • I will pray that all goes well with your second. I am sorry to hear about losing the first one. Being a first time is nerve racking. No one warns you about how you will feel and how it is normal. All of my friends had babies and not one breaks it down. I just hope I have a healthy baby and that it all turns out ok. I wish the same for you. Big Smile