Pregnant after Miscarriage

  • I just found out i was pregnant again after having a miscarriage back in December, I was only 10 weeks when i miscarried. so naturally im very concerned about everything this time around. Im currently about 4.5 weeks pregnant and my OB said that my bloodwork came back great and all my levels are going up as they should. I just cant shake the fear in the back of my head of losing another baby. Has anyone else gone through this or had a similar experience.

  • It is perfectly normal to be concerned after what you have been through. Just try to take comfort in the fact that so far...things seem to be progressing well. Talk to your doctor and try to do things to alleviate your stress. Monitor your body closely for any signs of problems, but try not to focus on the things you have little control over. Surround yourself with a great support system...I am glad you are here on Strong Moms!

  • My husband and I lost a baby at 10 weeks last year and are now pregnant again so I know what you are going through. Try not to think about it to much which can be easier said than done.  My OB did a scan at 6 weeks and we could see the heartbeat which was great. It turns out we are expecting twins so are very excited.  We had another scan at 10 weeks to check everything was ok and then heard the heartbeats a couple of weeks later.  I'm now just into my 16th week and still get that feeling of doubt every now but my OB has said after I passed the 13 week mark that I was pretty much all clear.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out. I'll be here if you want to chat :) 

  • I lost my first pregnancy when I had a miscarriage back in September. It was very hard emotionally and I still worry if I could've done something to prevent it. Truth is, I couldn't have. There are somethings that just isn't in our control. I can't think of anything I did wrong during that pregnancy! I did everything I was supposed to do. I am now 18 wks pregnant and so far everything is going good! But I am also very concerned about everything this time around! On top of this, I am not experiencing any nausea and able to eat anything just like first pregnancy. Most people tell me I am lucky but I can't help but think perhaps that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy! But I am not complaining. I just take one day at a time and keep looking forward to my doctors appointment to tell me that everything is going well!

  • try to be not to stressed out n try to take it easy i am fixing to have my first baby any day now i am 9 months i am due in 2 weeks n scared

  • Well I went for another sonogram this week and we saw the fetus and heard the heartbeat! everything seems to be going well :)

  • Congrats! So happy for you that things are going well! Isn't it awesome to hear the heartbeat of the little one? I always think its amazing! The crazy fast heart beat which was at 154 bpm last time. I can't wait for my u/s on the 11th cuz there are no end to my worries. I was laying on the couch and my 35 lb dog decides to jump up on me without notice. I freaked out and threw her off of me. DH says I am fine but I am scared, worried and anxious to know if things are okay which I won't find out till the 11th.  I am supposed to feel the baby move but I haven't been 100% sure that whether I am feeling the baby or just natural process of digestion. Wk 19 2 days and today my neighbor who has a newborn thought I was pretty small. That added more to my worries. Is my baby growing okay? I am only 5'1" and never weighed more than 110 lbs before I got pregnant.  Last appointment I weighed 119 lbs. But I have been walking 3 times a wk for at least 30 min. How about you ladies? Did any of you gain a lot of weight by wk 19?

  • Me and my Husband lost our first at 18weeks last thursday the 22nd I started spotting went in and there was no heartbeat. They said the baby stopped growing about 16 1/2 weeks. I am scared to death to try again. we are allowed in june but I just dont know if I could go thru that again. I go back on the 5th they did an autopsy I hope they can tell me something. But I was allready told most 2nd trimester babies they never really know why.

  • I am so sorry for your loss! I know there is nothing I can say to make things better.  When I went through the miscarriage I was devastated. My baby stopped growing right after my first ultrasound which was at 8 wks which I had no clue about. On 10th wk I started spotting and called the doctor's office right away and the doctor got back to me saying spotting was normal. But since I hadn't spotted at all I thought it was unusual and went to the ER. I had already started contractions and was in pain. After 8 hrs & several vaginal ultrasounds later (which hurt like  hell) ER doctors finally told me there was no heartbeat. The contraction continued all night and fot worse.  I went to my doctor the earliest I could and was told I was having a miscarriage and went in for D&C surgery the same day. I was told the same .. they didn't know why I lost my baby. The only possible explanation is that for one reason or another if  there was something wrong with the baby such as genetical abnormality or it didn't develop properly, then the body will reject the pregnancy. The hospital gave me information about grief counseling but I never ended up going to counseling as I kept telling myself I was okay and things will get better.  Before I went through this my sister in law had gone through 3 miscarriages.  I finally understood how she felt and realized her pain. Talking to her helped me a lot. So I can only say that unless someone else has gone through it they won't understand your pain. My heart goes out for you and your husband! I would give you a big warm hug if I could and let you cry on my shoulders to ease your pain. Its just something you have to go through dealing with the loss of a baby. I tried to find a cause, to be able to blame something, or someone, even myself. But it was all fruitless.  My baby was too young for an autopsy. The baby was gone and nothing was going to bring my baby back.  Its hard to say goodbye before you even get the chance to say hello to your baby.  I don't think I will ever get over it 100% since even talking to you about it now still brings tears to my eyes. I sincerely and honestly wish it hadn't happened to you and that it doens't happen to anyone! But no matter how unlikely it is, miscarriages happen. And it happens in many different stages of pregnancy.  You just have to think positive and remember that this doesn't mean that you cannot have a successfull pregnancy ever.  I am on 19 wks now. Miscarriage is definitely my biggest fear and the only way I keep going is on faith and hope. I also try to keep my mind distracted from the negativity by doing things that make me feel better. So hang in there and if you want to talk I am only one email and a phone call away from you. Don't hesitate to ask for help. If you are offered counseling, go to it if you think it will help you.

  •  How are you doing now? In may you were 19 weeks its now almost sept. I havent been on here in a while. I have managed to get pregnant again really easily the first time we tried. I am at 11 weeks now and it scares the crap outta me. its all I think about so far so good though this baby on ultra sounds is bigger and the heart beat is stronger than last time I think that baby was just sick from day one last time. I still wish I had answers but .... I am just trying to stay positive and keep on going

  • Congratulations. That is really a blessing. It is so hard to not worry about another loss once you have suffered one and always wonder what could you have done to prevent it? Everyday you worry if everything is okay until you go to the doctor's for follow up appointments and hear heartbeats and once you feel your baby moving. When there's no answer or reason for your loss that makes it all the more difficult I know. I've had 2 losses both 2nd trimester and both no real answers. I felt so awful the last one because I had a 9 yr old that was excited and attached and it hurt to tell her the baby was gone. Now a year later and currently 33 weeks she is even more attached and hovers over my stomach all the time and feels the baby moving and she talks to her and although further along I still have fears. I pray and thank God each day the baby is still with us but I don't think my mind will feel totally at ease until she is born alive and in my arms. I have another prenatal appt tomorrow but until the baby is here with us I continue to pray and have faith that all will be fine, but is very hard. Best of luck.

  • Im so sorry for your loss..... How has your pregnancy gone this time??  Last monday I went to my Dr. appt. and came to find out my baby no longer had a heart beat. and it had stoped growing about a week earlier:(  I was 12 weeks.  And this would have been baby no.3 for my husband and I. this has been so heart breaking...... I just dont understand why. My Dr. says that i will be perfectly fine to start trying again in about 4 weeks. But Im a little scared that this will happen again. I never have had any complications with my last 2 pregnancys . Both of my childern are strong and healthy and not to mention beautiful as can be:)  But I guess everything happens for a reason ..... And I know God never gives us nothing we can't handle...... So I will continue to give God all the honor and all the glory for everything he has done in my life.... After all i still have so much to be thankful for ... like my beautiful children and my wounderful husband. I know God will carry us through this storm. GOD BLESS!!

  • mam19am24t, I'm so sorry to hear that. I also experienced the same type of loss at 16 weeks and was told the baby was only measuring 13 weeks which till this day I have no idea if that means that's when she actually stopped breathing/growing or was my dd off? Idk but I'd had a nucal tranlucency done around that same time and everything was fine, so who knows. It is perfectly normal for you to be scared as I was both times after and nervous till the end with this last pregnancy. Everyone will tell you not to stress but it is so much easier said then done. After my 2 I honestly had decided to give up until my husband said we can try again which I was surprised because I knew it took a toll on him also but we did and she is now 5 months old, healthy and strong and worth all the worries. Yes you are truly blessed with all you have and should the 2 of you try again it will be hard and a struggle but just try and keep your faith and pray.

  • hello, i am new here and your post was all too realistic for me...i also had a miscarriage back in dec and we are not sure when it actually happened prior to finding out.  i too am so nervous.  my dh and i waiting for one month and then started ttc again. Smile  it happened for us in january!  so i am now 9.5 wks and my fear was the same as yours.  i had my first prenatal appt. 2days ago and since this is my 4th pregnancy (i have 2 children) from a previous marriage, i was measuring big so my dr. sent me down for an ultrasound just to make sure all was good and that it wasn't a multiple pregnancy-i saw/heard a small peanut with a very fast and strong heart beat!!!!!!  put your worries aside and listen to your body, eat when hungry, push fluids and sleep as much as possible and most of all-enjoy this pregnancy and everything that comes with it. try to believe everything will be just fine!