pregnancy and baby movement

  • I'm 21 weeks and my baby goes a day with a lot of movement and not the next. My doctor said that the baby's heart rate was good and wasn't worried. Around 19 to 20 weeks the baby was moving all the time but he was down low. I'm wondering if he had moved up and that's why I'm not feeling him move as much. If anyone can give me advice that would be great.

  • well i am 33 weeks and  u will soon to start feelin more.... i feel my baby move more at night when i am tryin to sleep that i get. so yes u will feel your baby more as your weeks to come. i mean u could be doin something and get a big kick to the ribs and catch u when u at lest supect it,

  • Babies are just like the rest of us...when they are really active one day, they can be tired the next. Also, you may be more active on certain days which can "rock" a baby to sleep. Any time you are worried, lie down and relax...within a few minutes most babies will begin to move around and kick..if you don't feel the baby move for an extended period of time though, notify your doctor.

  • i'm 32 weeks pregnant and i fell the baby move from top to bottom. When i was 16 wks and 3days pregnant i felt the bqby move the same as well and there were days when he was not active at all either. So you are fine Stick out tongue

  • I just saw my doctor on Tuesday, I'm 21 week, and he told me that I should feel the baby every day, but even if I don't that doesn't mean something wrong.  He told me if I ever went 1 full week without feeling him I was to get in the office immediately.  I'm certainly not a doctor, but I would give it some time, although I would be a little nervous too :)

  • Well i feel movement sometimes but not all the time. If i lay on my back he starts moving around alot. At least every other day I feel a good kick. My doctor told me to keep track of his movements but I dont think there enough to keep track of. But the baby's heart beat was 152 on wednesday. I felt a lot of movement earily. I worry a lot when it comes to Wesley. My husband had tried so hard to get pregnant and now it happened. I'm just worried.

  • so thank you that made me feel a little better.

  • thanks

  • I lay on my back and he starts moving. Once in a while I'll get one good kick. SO maybe I shouldnt be soo worried. It's hard not too though.  thanks