Success in Overcoming Infertility

  • I never thought I’d have issues with fertility. I was 19 when I got pregnant with my first child and became so after only a month of trying. The women in my family also have a history of being very fertile. So imagine my surprise when I could not get pregnant again at 26!

    It turns out that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition that affects the hormones my ovaries produce, which directly impacts my ability to conceive and sustain a pregnancy. My doctors believe I’ve had PCOS since I was a teenager, and it went untreated for most of my life. After undergoing a course of treatment to get the condition under control, I actually became pregnant accidentally.

    Do you have a success story that you’d like to share?

  • My husband and I tease eachother about being the "infertility success story" because both of us were told that our chances of having children were slim to none.

    My husband is a type one diabetic diagnosed at age 8.  When he was 19 years old his doctor told him that one complication of type one diabetese is infertility in men due to low sperm count caused by severe hormonal fluxuations during puberty, and recommended that they do a fertility test just to see.  The results were not good, and my husband was told that his body was only producing 5% of the normal amount of viable sperm for a man his age.

    When I was 19 (several years later, he's 3 years older then me) I was diagonsed with HPV and later with cervical cancer.  After receiving the Gaurasil shot (which I am a strong advocate for even though it made me sick after each shot) and undergoing treatment for cancer that had spread across the external surface of my cervix my doctor told me that my body probably wouldn't be able to support a pregnancy and that if I did ever get pregnant it would probably only last about 8 weeks before I lost the baby. 

    My husband and I got married with the understanding that we'd adopt children someday after I graduated college, when a severe pain in my side sent me to the hospital.  When asked if there was any chance I was pregnant we both laughed and said "none".  We were concerned about a recurrance of the cancer, so when the doctor analyzed the blood work and as "Are you SURE that there's no way you could be pregnant" we were both worried and told him our story.  The nurse came in to take a blood sample for another pregnancy test and came back with a smile and the news "It's positive!"  my response was "Positive for what?"  I was 12 weeks pregnant at that point and have had a healthy, relatively easy pregnancy and am now 29 weeks along!

  • That is such a fabulous story! What a surprise! Congratulations on your success and getting your health back. You both must be so excited.

    We actually had a double whammy. My husband had issues with his sperm counts, shape and motility. Between that and my PCOS, the doctors were ready to tell us that the only way we'd concieve is through IVF. The day they were going to tell me that, I walked into the office and told them I was pregnant. They were floored!


  • That is amazing Leslie Ann! I was told I would never be able to get pregnant without fertility meds due to ovulating once in a blue moon. I've managed to get pregnant twice on the first try with no meds at all.

    My mother is another success story. She miscarried five times before adopting me (I was 2). Then when I was six she had my first brother and when I was seven she had my second brother. She went from having to adopt, to getting her tubes tied!

  • My husband and I were in the same situation as you.  I have PCOD and we were afraid that we couldn't get pregnant either.  We were also fighting the age battle as well.  However, thanks to the brilliant work of my OB, and Clomid, we are now the parents of a healthy baby boy born in Feb. 2009.

  • Congratulations! A friend of mine is about six months pregnant with her first child and has a very similar story. It's so great to hear about women who have overcome this obstacle. I think it give hope to all of us.

  • Someone close to me recently had twins by using donated embryos. I think it is just the coolest thing ever to be able to "adopt" and carry embryos that were donated by another couple who did IVF.

  • I got married in 2001 and my husband and I started trying to have a child almost right away.  I was starting to get concerned when I hadn't gotten pregnant by 2004, I went to my ob and they did some tests.  I was at work when they called me with the result that I couldn't have ANY children.  I was devistated after all my husband and I wanted 4 children and we were faced with the fact that we couldn't have them.


    Then someone that I worked with had a friend that was having fertility problems and she gave me the number to a fertility clinic.  I called and made an appointment because my husband's insurance covered infertility.  They diagnosed me with PCOS and said that it might be really hard for me to get pregnant but that they would do what they could.  That was the end of 2004. 

    In 2005 I went through a course of clomid, it didn't do anything.  So, I did follistem ( thats an injection ) it didn't work the first time.  They increased my follistem and put me on HCG ( another injection ) and finally there was a viable folicle.  So, I had to take a super strong dose of HCG to release the egg.  PCOS is characterized by what is call black pearls on the ovaries.  Those are eggs that are released but then attach to the outside of the ovary and become cysts. 

    Evidentally I had never ovulated in my life because it was so painful that I couldn't walk for three days.  When it came time to take the pregnancy test and I got a positive I had to go and invest in a digital one because I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was pregnant.  In the first ultrasound at the fertility doctor there were two sacks.  The second one never developed but, I did have a 8lb 13oz baby girl.  That was November 2006, and now I am expecting a baby boy in October 2009 after the same course of medication.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. You must be so excited to be expecting another baby. Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Your due date is just around the corner. Big Smile