Morning Sickness

  • I am 6 weeks pregnant. 1st time pregnant. I feel soooo nauseated especially before I go to sleep and when I wake up. I never have time to eat breakfast, and I am so hungry. the hungrier I get the worse I feel. I guess I need to get some snacks to take with me. How did ya'll deal with your morning sickness?

  • hello! you probably do want to bring snacks with you. i did that as well. yogart... bagels with cream cheese is a good one too.. peanut butter and crackers. all good ones that fill you up and are good for your belly. i felt sick before i went to bed sometimes too, so try to eat something about an hour before you go to bed. i found that that helped me too. and if u eat before bed u may feel better in the morning too. hope this helps for you!

  • Hi!  There were some tricks I learned to curtail the morning sickness.  Vinegar and salt potato chips helped tremendously.  Also try peppermint tea. 

  • Hi, I am 7 weeks along and I been having morning sickness for the last 2 weeks myslef. It seems to help me if I eat someting when I start to fee sick,  I have to eat it slow and it has to be something solid like crackers, cheese etccc....  so now I am eating a little something every hour or so.

  • You need to keep yourself well hydrated and fed to help with morning sickness. Don't skip breakfast, instead try to eat some crackers, a cereal bar or drink a protein and fruit smoothie. Always carry some snacks with you and talk to your doctor if you are having trouble keeping anything down.