Getting fat!

  • So, im only 10 weeks and 4 days and i already cant fit into some of my pants. However with all the expenses of a new baby i cant afford a new wardrobe...where can i find cheap maternity clothes?

  • A friend of mine used to get all hers at a consignment shop.  They were all very nice, and she said some even had the tags on them still.  She even found one that was just for maternity clothes.  See if there is one close to you.  Hers were all very nice and saved her a ton of money!

  • I got tons of mine second hand from relatives, but I also went thrift shopping a lot.  For the first several months you can get away with looping a rubber band through the button hole of pants and wearing loose shirts.  Elastic waisted skirts and empire waist dresses will get you through the first two trimesters too.  If you have to dress nice every day for work, you are going to have a harder time than if you can get away with wearing t-shirts or gym clothes.