Pregnancy and the Second Child!

  • My sister recently found out that she is expecting her 2nd child in the summer. She already has a 16 month old and she is starting to worry about how she is going to take care of her toddler while she is pregnant. Pregnancy is hard enough without having to care for a toddler on top of it. As a mother of four, I know how worried she is. There were times in my pregnancies when I was sick, tired or just moody and taking care of older children could be difficult. How do you balance pregnancy with parenthood?

  • My son was 10 months old when we conceived the baby that I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with.  It wasn't bad until last week when I went into early labor and got put on bedrest.  Before that, I took him to the pool a lot and got together with friends for playdates a lot.  Anything that he is happy and entertaining himself with people other than me helps.  When he started walking was right when I started getting big enough that it was impossible to carry him, so it was nice to take it slow and let him walk along holding my hand instead of carrying him.  I also gave in one day when I was sick and let him watch tv, which I had been very opposed to, but it was a blessing that day.  There are some things that I thought I would stay adamant about throughout the years that I have had to give in on, such as cooking a healthy meal every night.  I just don't have the energy at the end of a day of chasing him as I did before the 25 lb belly.  But I got over it and realized that there's no harm in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for supper once in a while.  I'm sure anyone can tell her that though.  It's about choosing which battles are worth fighting.  Since the bedrest, I'd be suffering without the help of my mom.  She lives half the country away though, so she had to move in with me.  Again, choosing battles.  If my parents lived closer, I would have been taking advantage of free babysitting every chance I got, even if it was just so I could take a nap.

  • Our daughter was 8 months old when we found out we were expecting #2.  She is 14 months this week and i am 30 weeks.  So far it has been pretty good.  I was laid off and have been home with her for the last 2 months which is hard, but a blessing too so I can spend a lot of one on one time with her before our little boy arrives.  But since she started walking a few weeks ago it is getting harder and easier.  I am getting a lot more tired and larger so I can't crawl around on the floor as easily as I used to. 

    I'm not sure there is a great answer on how to balance pregnancy with parenthood, i think you have to kinda find what works for you.  There haven't been any complications yet, but my biggest fear is there will be.  With our daugher I had severe preclampsia that came on quickly (12 grams of protien showed up in less than a week - a high number is 6grams)  and she was born by emergency c-section 6 weeks early, and I was in the hospital on bed rest for 7 days because they couldn't get my BP to come down.  I can't imagine what I would do if that happens again as the hospital is an hr away from our home, and last time was hard enough.  Thankfully my in-laws are great and they will do whatever we need them to do to help out, but doesn't make the worrying any easier :)