Hi I am new here. And I will be a first time mom but I have a big question.

  • Like I said I will be a first time mom.  I love being on here it has helped alot.  But my question is for anyone who has given birth naturally.  I am not fond of needles especially very large ones they intend to stick in your back so is the pain absolutely unbearable or is it something that I could handle?

    I know none of you know me personally but that is more or less a general question.  Just a thing of whether or not it was regretted afterward about not getting the epidural.

  • I know that this is just my opinion, but, if you want the truth- I wish I had been able to get an epidural with my 2nd. Not enough time when I had gotten to the hospital. It was the worst pain ever. You will get thru it and it is worth the outcome. I got an epidural with my first, The pushing was easier and I think it was overall a better experience. You will most likely know if you can handle it or not as you near the last contractions needed to finish dialating. You can always wait to decide when you get to the hospital and see how your feeling.

  • There are lots of great natural childbirth options out there these days.  Check into local classes for Bradley method and Hypnobirthing, both of which will teach you ways to deal with the discomfort of labor. 

    I'm currently participating in a class myself and am excited about the opportunity to provide a natural delivery for my child.  From my research, both of these approaches have longer classes and require more "practice" at home for the big day, but if you're willing to take the time and do the preparation I'm sure you can do it. 

    Also, if you're interested in natural childbirth make sure you talk to your doctor early and have a physician that's supportive of your approach.  Good luck!

  • Personaly I've had two births and two epidurals and now on my third as long as I have time and the choice I will have another. The great thing about it going in your back is you don't  see it go in and like at the dentist they numb the area before they stick the needle in.

  • I am a fist time mom and I was in so much pain but once they put that beautiful baby in your arms and it all over with. Just concentrate on what you have to. But I tried the epidoral and you dont even feel the shot because you are in so much pain, you are begging for the shot.

  • I have had two natural births, the first was not by choice but the epideral and spinal they then tried didn't take. I have a broken pelvis with this one and it was hell. My second child I didn't even know I was in labor with until the very end, we barely made it to the hospital (she was born 8 minutes after we arrived) and the only pain I felt was when she crowned, which was an intense burning that lasted about 30 seconds. I think that every mom and every birth is different and as much as you try to plan ahead of time you won't know how you will feel until the time comes.  I would make sure you know what the pain managment options at your hospital or birthing center are ahead of time, then see how things go when your in labor. Even if you can handle the pain depending on how long your labor is you may need some type of  medication so you are able to rest before the pushing stage, it doesn't do much good if you exhaust yourself during labor, get to 10cm and then don't have the energy to push. Hope this helps.


  • Hi. I am going through my second pregnancy now. For the first I did end up getting the epidural. The pains were a bit too much for me to handle it. I was in so much pain but after they gave me the epidural I felt much better and I was even able to smile and take pics. I didnt even feel the needle go in because like someone else mentioned, the other pain over powers the needle. There is nothing to be scared of or worry about if you have a good team working with you.

    Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy.

  • The epidural is a lifesaver! When I had my daughter they had to induce because she just did not want to come out. As soon as those contractions started I couldn't take it. The pain was unbearable. I was so thankful for the epidural. The pain I was experiencing was excruciating. I welcomed that needle. I didn't even feel it. I only felt the contractions. Afterwards, I was feeling so good that I spent the rest of my labor watching movies :) No pain at all. Labor and delivery was a breeze after that. I am now pregnant with a son due August 4th, and I will definitely get another epidural.