Is it just me??

  • Okay I am beginning to think I am the only who is not getting a baby tummy.  I am almost 19 weeks and I have not gained a pound.  I am average height and weight.  I was never sick, and have been eating like food is endangered.  My doctor says everything is okay, and the baby is where is should be and I know every pregnancy is different, but I still feel sad.  Everyone at work keeps asking when I am going to start showing.  I think I am the only pregnant woman who can't wait to get into her maternity clothes. ( I am sure that will change later).  Am I the only one????

  • You're not the only one.  When I was pregnant for my first child, I had the same thing happen to me.  You could still barely tell when I was 6.5 months pregnant.  Then I started showing.  No worries!  :)  Congrats.

  • i didnt start showing untill i was about 7 months. trust me its okay cuz you avoid the stretch marks completely. i definitly look pregnant now. and im 31 weeks

  • Everyone always has an opinion regardless of how you look. When I was pregnant, people thought I was too big...they would constantly ask if I had 2 in there!!! Just smile and say thank grateful you aren't gaining too much weight yet. If your doctor isn't worried, then you shouldn't be either. You will get a tummy and wear maternity clothes, but at least you are putting off the uncomfortable waddling for a little longer. Congratulations on your pregnancy!