Baby names

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Lisa and I am 21 years old and half way through my 17th week of pregnancy. I will find the sex of my baby on May 18th. My boyfriend and me have already chosen the names for either sex so it will just depend what it is! I am just always curious as to what other people are going to name their babies that are having them in the same year as me... I guess to see if there is a popularity of some sort. If I have a boy his name is going to be Westin Jacob  and if I have a girl her name is going to be Kylee Denise.  So I would like it if other people would say what they are naming their babies or already have named their babies just out of fun! Congrats to all the new moms and dads on here!

  • I found out I was having a boy at 22 weeks. I can't wait to meet my little man... Adriano Isaiah!

  • My 6 yr old is Jessica Karinn and my 4 month old boy is Deryck James

  • I like both of those names. Congratulations!! I am 24 weeks pregnant and we are having a girl. We are naming her Olivia Rose. We love the name Olivia and Rose is my parents last name and we wanted to incorporate that somehow.. From the first time we said it, it has just stuck. Good luck to all of you.

  • HI everyone!  i am 26 weeks and having a baby boy his name will be jameson shayne! Jameson after my grandfathers and shayne after my uncle! tell me what you think!

  • We named our last son Calvin Todd.... after his grandfather and his father! No matter what name you choose, it is bound to be special...because it will be your baby's name!!
  • Hey glad to hear that you have a name for your little guy.  I am 27 weeks and I only have the first name we are working on coming up with a middle name.  I just wish that we could figure it out.  Already have a girl (Katelyn) and a boy (Caleb).  We will be sticking with the "K" sounding names for this little guy as well.  May as well stick with it right?

  • I just bought this awesome baby naming book if you want me to look some K names up for you for a baby boy....?  let me know (squirrelgirl5674)

  • Hey Lisa,

    I am also 21 years old and this is my first baby. The baby is due December of this year. We don't know what we are having yet but if it is a boy his name will be Mason Ryan and if it is a girl Kylee Marie, so we have the name Kylee in common! Good luck with your baby and congrats!

  • Hi Lisa!

    We are leaving it a surprise till the baby is born to know boy/girl. But the names we picked are Ethan Louis for a boy and Sophia Elana if its a girl. Of course I joked about naming our son(?) Maximus Tiberius (which I actually like cuz it sounds like a strong name) and DH laughingly rejected saying I am not naming my son after Captain Kirk! LOL!

  • We are thinking Presleigh Elizabeth, Adeline Grace, or Cadence Riel if it's a girl. If it's a boy Briceon Lee, or Jackson Kyle.

  • I'm having a boy and though I'm not very religious, fate chose his name for me. I'm naming him Bradley James in honor of the 3 generations of james' in my family, and my best friend who passed last year in a plane crash. My friend brad was there for me when no one else was, and my baby's due date happens to fall exactly between his (brad) and my father james' anniversaries. My gaurdian angels helped give me the child 4 doctors told me I would never have...

  • I just had my little boy in November of last year and decided to name him Damien Ray after my dad.

  • Congrats to you on your baby! When will you find out the sex? It's nice to know that I am not the only one my age going through this because sometimes I feel like I am! That is neat that we both chose the name Kylee if it is a girl and we even spell it the same way! I won't find out the gender until May 18th so I am super excited about that but it is so hard to way I want to know already! How did you come about choosing your middle names?

  • I am only 7 weeks along and already have a 3 1/2 year old son named Aiden. I just have a feeling I am going to have a girl! I haven't even searched for boy names yet, but I have a list of girl names: Emma, Lilly, Chloe, Riley, Zoey, Ashlyn, Paige and Payton. Those are just some examples. Please share with me some girl names you have chosen!