Military Wife and Pregnant

  • Hi Everyone! I am new to this just joined today. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant due on June 8th. This is my first child and my husband is currently overseas. We are having a girl and it has been a tough few months without him and he wont be home until December. If there are any other military wives on here I would love to hear from you.

  • Not in your situation, but I wanted to thank you and your husband for his service. Many people thank the guys overseas and deservedly so, but stories like your make us realize that the sacrifice of the men and women in the armed services share that sacrifice with their loved ones too. God bless you and your husband good luck with your baby.

  • Thank you so much... Its definitely tough at times but we will get through it. It will be difficult once I am in that delivery room and he isn't there :( but again we will get through it. Comments like yours make it a lot easier knowing there are people out there that care. Again, thank you so much!

  • Hi! Im 19 weeks pregnant from someone in the military, but unlike the many service men I thank and honor, He does not want to be with me or with the baby. So don't worry your not the only one alone in a delivery room. Everything will be OKAY!!!  You and your husband will have plenty of time to make-up for the distance apart. CONGRADULATIONS TO THE 3 OF YOU!!!

  • Hi! I am 15 weeks preggers & me and my husband are both in the military. (USMC) He was gone when our first son was born in 2007 & I know what you're going through. It's tough but you'll make it :) We just got back from Afghanistan last October after a 10 month deployment and are looking forward to having this baby and both of us being together. Let me know if you need anything, words of encouragement or advice - since i've been there done that! :) Good Luck!