Please tell me I'm not the only one, I feel awful!

  • I have two girls, 6 and 3, who I love with all of my heart.  I live for my girls, I can't imagine my life without them.  I recently found out we are having a boy, and ever since I have had feelings, I can't really put my finger on what these feelings are but am praying it isn't disappointment!  I feel awful... I don't know if I'm terrified because it isn't another girl or disappointed or what?!?  Ever since I found out I have had these weird feelings.  I am so scared that I'm disappointed!!!  I'm so scared that it's a boy! I'm scared that I wont love him as much as my girls, and I'm scared I wont have the same bond with him as I do with my girls!!! is there anyone else out there in my situation, I feel AWFUL!!! Just AWFUL!

  • You're not the only one. I have 2 boys 5 and 20 mths. With both of them I wanted a girl. With the first I was unable to find out and when he came out and I found out he was a boy, I was a little disappointed. But, I soon found out that no love could match a mothers for her baby. I adore my boys. But, now that I'm pregnant again, I am hoping for a girl. But, I know that I will love this baby just as much as my other babies no matter the sex.

  • Don't feel bad.  I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, I had a girl with my first pregnancy which I was really happy about.  I always said that if I got pregnant again, I wouldn't care which I had, 2 girls would be great, but one of each would be good too.  Now I feel differently, I really want another girl, even my Hubby does too.  I am really excited to find out what I am having (in 4 weeks), but also nervous.  What if it's a boy and I'm dissapointed?, I know I will love whatever it turns out to be, but I still have a dreaded feeling of finding out it's a boy.

    I still have all of my stuff from my Daughter, Clothes etc.  I don't know if that's why I want a girl so much, because I already have soooo much stuff, but I don't know.

    Hopefully this feeling will pass!!  Anyone else feel this way?

  • This is myn first pregnancy and probably he only one because I'm almost 41 years old. In the beginning I thought it would be a bioy but everybody in my husband family wanted a girl and after some months I started thinking the same. We found out it's a boy. The first two days I was kind of disappointed, but I trying to console myself about it.  After two days I got used to the idea of having a boy. I am involved in loving my boy since them.

    And I must tell how much I love him.

    It takes a little time. But commit yourself in loving your baby boy. I think that's the way.