• Hey im Mica a new mommy to be....im14 weeks now and im so anxious to know the sex of my feels like 5 months is so far away....i can't sleep i keep have weird dreams and its driving me crazy...I pray that God will bless me with a healthy baby but i just wanna know....Is anyone in the same boat?

  • Hi Mica!  I'm "D"... Smile  We are close in our pregnancies.  I'm 13 weeks and I'm in the same boat.  I can't wait to find out what we're having!  I have my fingers crossed for a little girl... And of course "Daddy" has his crossed for a boy.  Honestly I won't care either way as long as we are also blessed with a healthy baby!  What are you kinda hoping for??  Girl....Boy....?  You're having wierd dreams??  I Love to dream!!  (I have a dream journal)  Lol  Geeked

  • And by the way... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Hello my name is Amber! Im just 8 weeks along and I have really WEIRD dreams! A little old lady told me to drink a mouthful of pickle juice before bed and i will sleep through the night..... I thought thats crazy but after trying it, which the juice wasnt tasteful, IT WORKED!!! I only do it when im extemely exhausted tho! Sometimes I like my crazy dreams!!

  • Hi Mica, Im Mariel. Im alittle ahead of you Im 19 weeks, and I still don't know the sex of my baby. I have the weirdest dreams too!!! But most of the time my baby is a boy. This is my first child, so to me the sex is not that important, I just want a healthy baby aswell!!!   I think you should listen to your gut!!! I think Im having a boy, ever since before I confirmed my pregnancy. I kept my pregnancy a secret from my family at first, but my grandmother told me she drame a baby boy in her living room!!! N nobody knew I was pregnant yet. I have a sonogram in acouple more long weeks!!! Ill keep you posted see If my gut was right. and congradulations!!!