Baby moving

  • When was the first time you felt your baby move? Due to previous problems with my cervix I have an Sonogram every four weeks so I have had the oppurtunity to see my baby move before I was able to feel him/her. Now it seems like since I have seen the baby moving I can feel it now more than ever.

  • BTW I am 15wks prg due 10/19/10

  • With my first two kids I didn't feel any movement that I was sure was movement until 20 weeks. With this baby, it was 21 weeks. But I had also had some early ultrasounds and had seen him moving. So I wasn't too worried. Now of course at 34 weeks he moves all the time!

  • With each one of my pregnancies, I felt the baby move sooner. With my first child, I didn't feel the baby move til about 18 weeks, then with each pregnancy it seemed like I felt the baby move a week earlier. My last pregnancy I felt the baby start moving at about 15 weeks.