first timer here

  • first  pregnancy here and really scared of labor.

  • its my first also, im a little nervous as well. but everyones experience i hear is different

  • I had my first baby recently and I was so scared of labor. When my water broke I was freaking out. We had a half hour drive to the hospital. I was planning on doing it natural  but after I was dailated to a 4 I asked for the epadural (spell?) But you just have to keep in mind that the pain means you are getting closer to seeing you beautiful baby. Trust me it is totally worth it and once you get to the hospital it goes so fast you don't have time to even be scared!

  • get a doula  :)

  • Well, when I had my 1st kid she was early by a week and my baby shower had just ended.  My husband was helping out with Hurricane Katrina and my mother-in-law had no clue how to get me to the hospital.  Needless to say, we made it to a friends house and then off to the hospital half an hour away all in 15 minutes and my contractions were 2 minutes apart.  I had no time for epidural b/c the lil impatient baby girl decided to break my water and poke her head right on out while they was prepping me.  Natural birth is great and not as painful as the tv shows show you...  Just make sure you have an excellent support group on stand... Sleep whenever the baby sleeps and enjoy!!!

  • Just remember everyone's experience is totally different...there are some people who are in labor for a few hours and their babies want out soooo bad...and then there are people like me who are in labor for 34 + hours....but epidurals are wonderful...the pain hurt a lot for me toward the end even with an epidural but  i was a rare case in that my epidural only worked on half of my body...better than nothing though...i might have been able to do it without an epidural if i was only in labor for a few hours...but my lil stinker wanted to stay in and was holding on too!!!  dont ever be scared of it is a natural pain so as long as you can focus on your breathing and kind of meditate during a contraction you can get through it...just remember LABOR DOES END!! even with the experience i had if you asked me now if i would do it again i would say it must not be THAT bad really!!

  • The only advice I have for you is to try and keep your anxiety down.  I completely freaked out and could not calm down.  I had a C-sec and after the delivery I spent the rest of the day completely out of it.  People came and visited me and I sort of remember it.  The worst part was I could not see my baby.  I totally wish I could have experienced natural birth, but unfortunately things did not go at all like I would have hoped. 


    As my doctor told me, things never go like they are planned.  My best advice for you is to stay calm, and have a good support group.  I totally had my Ipod with me with the intentions of using it but some how it got brought back down to the car and I went into the delivery room with it.  I could hear all the weird noises going on in the delivery room but could not see it because they had a curtain up.  It only aided to increase the anxiety.  I would recommend an IPOD, some nice PJS, bobby pillow if you plan to breast feed and are having baby in the room with you.  They have these terrible bobby pillows in the hospital.  Anyhow-my best advice is do what you gotta do to psychological keep yourself calm.