baby name? like or dont like?

  • I was thinking about naming if my babys a girl {saphira ) tell me honestly what you think please.

  • I'm a traditionalist so it isn't my cup of tea. However, I have found that whatever you name your child, the child's personality transforms the name, not the other way around. So it is only important that you like it. If you do, don't give others the chance to stomp on it. Then you both feel badly if you choose that name anyway.

  • I like it! I looked it up on the bump dot com and found it has never been a popular name in the united states. So it made me wonder which country is it popular in?! It did make me think of Sapphire and the website confirmed its a form of sapphire. I am a libra and my birthstone is Sapphire so I am loving it! Though if I have a girl we are going for Sophia  Elana. :) I think its very unique! Go for it!

  • Saphira is ok, it reminds me of The Lion KIng, the lioness/princess was named saphira I think.   We had a hard time with names, but I found that taking each letter of the alphabet and coming up with as many names as you and your spouse/sig other can think of (not using a book).  That's how we came up with ours.  Good luck.  And p.s. if you like it, don't care what anyone else thinks.  You're the most important critic.

  • It is very unique and that can be a great thing. She won't have anyone in her class with this name and she will probably be unique in that sense. Ultimately it boils down to your likes and dislikes..if you like it should go with it!!!