36 weeks and just about sick of it

  • I'm so hot all the time! Does it ever stop? Due June 14th, feeling like I'm going to pop! Everything I used to do day to day all of a sudden seems to tire me out severely, and it seems like just this 8 month mark was the final straw. I try to do my normal exercise routine in the morning (a simple 30 minute walk around the block, either that or baby-mama yoga) and then shower, and this seems to take up all my energy for the rest of the day! It seems so unfair! 

    I just moved down south (Charleston) from Canada and not only am I not used to this heat, but our AC is slowly breaking down and I feel like all I want to do is walk around the house naked all the time. if only! 

    Get this thing out of meeeeeeeeeee


  • Hang in there!!! You are in the home stretch and with any luck, maybe this baby will come a week early and help you out. In the summer when I was pregnant, I walked around in tank tops and shorts and ate Popsicles all day long. This helped keep me a bit cooler. Just listen to your body and rest when you can...once the baby gets here it will be hard to rest!!! Hang in there...you are almost there.
  • Thank you!! I am definitely feeling the tank top and shorts with popsicles, though.. that would be nice right about now. My husband took me to the beach today and I thoroughly enjoyed that, it was just the cool down I needed! :) I'd be delighted if my baby came early, as long as she's healthy!

  • Hey, you've made it very far, be happy and blessed. Do you know how many moms wish they could make it to the 36 week mark, myself included? Each week my baby is still with me I am more and more blessed, so please when I say be grateful and blessed because if you think this is bad just think about not having her at all, you will feel so bad about every other feeling you've had of misery. Take it from someone who knows, so when women complain of weight, tired, hot, etc. I would gladly take it all and then some to not have lost 2 little ones before so embrace your pregnancy and all that it comes with and you are so close and your little one will be with you shortly and healthy. Good luck. P.S. I have plenty of family in Charleston and have never been to Canada but I know the SC heat!!!

  • I am right there with you!! I'm 36 weeks too and I'm just so uncomfortable. The past few days I have been waking up sweating and the ac and fan are on!! I always wear tank tops or sun dresses. It helps a lot and make sure to keep hydrated!! We are almost there!!