pregnancy and living with bipolar disorder

  • I have bipolar disorder and am expecting my second child.   I did just fine the first time around but now with dealing with being unmedicated while being a stay at home mom with my difficult 3 year old I am feeling so lost and alone! My husband is very supportive of me but I would love to hear fom other moms like me!!!  I've searched all over the web with no luck! HELP!

  • hello, I'm Jessica.  i also have bipolar disorder and I am nonmedicated. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and this is my first child, I've had alot of health issues and with the bio dad being the one to bring me down and cauze me so mush un-needed stress. I've really asked my mother (who has gone through bi-polar pregnancy) and other family members what is best at helping.

    Basically you really gotta take 1 day at a time.  when sometime seems like it's bringing you down; remove yourself from the situation. got your 3 year old with you in the situation and no one else?   take them for a nice walk, get fresh air.  If it's overwhelming house work, just know that there is no hurry it will be there no matter what so if you have to do alot of clothes, dishes, etc.   take it 1 at a time. 

    You have one step up from me b/c you have a loving husband who loves your child as much as you do.  just look at him sometimes and think how sexy he looks holding your child that you created together.   I'm sure you will forget all your worries and fall in love all over again.     Good luck to you.  =)

                                                                                                                    - Jess

  • How far along are you? Were you unmedicated with you first pregnancy? How did it go? How are you feeling? If unmedicated and feeling overwhelmed, it is best to seek professional counseling so you have someone to talk to about any problems you may have. Medications work great, but throughout pregnancy, psychotherapy works wonders!