I'm new here!!

  • just wanting to know when does morning sickness go away???

  • they tell me that it goes away around 14 weeks, but i don't know. this is my first pregnancy.

  • sometimes it depends on you, and what you eat. i didnt have it all. they say its worse with a girl, but who really knows. 

  • It depends on the person, some don't have it all some have it for the first trimester and some have it through out their entire pregnancy.

  • I am having a baby girl ! I had morning sickness to some extent. It really depends on an individual. Ideally, it goes away about 13-14 weeks. However, some women experience it throughout their pregnancy.

  • Hi my name is yesenia, morning sickness go away when ur 4 months depends if its ur first baby then is until 6 months