Anyone else pregnant with Twins?

  • I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins. I have 2 other kids, but am terrified this time around because I have no idea what to expect. I have so many questions! First off, when is an ideal time to stop working?
  • I am not pregnant now, but I was pregnant with twins.  They were born at 36 weeks and I worked up until the day they were born.  I was scheduled for a C-Section at 38 weeks.  At 36 weeks, I went to lunch with my husband and my water broke.....  guess they had plans of their own.  They are 4 months old now and I have a 5 year old.   You will be fine!!!!

  • I am not pregnant with twins but I have 5 year old twin boys and I am 31 weeks pregnant with our third boy :)

    That said I quit qorking at about 24 weeks when preg with the boys but I had complications.  I think that is something you should talk to your dr about.  If everything is going great in your pregnancy you will be able to work longer, if their are or have been complications you wont be able to.  It all depends on how your pregnancy goes. 

  •    Hello. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl. I stopped working the first time at 9 weeks, then went back to work at 14 and went back off for the remainder of my pregnancy at 24 weeks pregnant. I was having complications with bleeding in the early weeks and have started contracting at 24 weeks.

      I think you are able to work until you and your dr are comfortable with it. Like the other ladies said they worked up until they were ready to deliver, were I know some like myself that had to stop early.

       I am part of a twins forum website, the ladies there are very knowledgeable on twins. If you would like I can send you the website to there as well as being on here.

  • I'm pregnant now w/ my third child. I already have a set of 7 year old twins. So I'm thankful I'm just having one this time and I'll have two great little helpers. If your 2 other kids are old enough I'm sure they be good help too. When I was pregnant w/ my twins I worked up until 32 weeks and then was put on bedrest and had the kids at 36 weeks and 2 days. As long as you're maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, work as long as you can and take a longer maternity leave if possible. You'll definately want to put your twins on a schedule, especially a feeding schedule. My husband and I were a good team and did everything together. I couldn't have done it w/o him. Just relax too and take one day at a time after they arrive. Good Luck!!