Depression anyone??

  • Hi Ladies

    So I know that this time is supose to be a very happy time but I have been so very sad. I have depression. I read tha it is normal to get it durning your pregnancy but I wish I was not so sad all the time. I will say that I have had so very much to deal with and it just seems to get worse. I have not been pregnant in over 15years as I have one boy who is 15 years old. I also found out that my boyfriend was not really my boyfriend he actually had a girlfriend in another state that I did not know anything about. I just found out this week that he is actually getting married to her and they are to be married very soon. WOW right. I understand a little bit more now why he freaked out on my the way he did when I first found out that I was pregnant. Yet he continued to lie to me. Though he wanted me to keep the baby he surely has not wanted to be honest with me and be a support to me. I am so very heart broken and sad that this has happen not just to me but to my baby also. You can only imagine that this has made my depression worse. I pray that my sadness will soon pass and the joy of my baby will be here before I know it. Please if you can keep me in your prayers and if you can relate or have any encouragement please respond. Thank you all and I hope you all are well...

  • I am so sorry that things are so difficult for you right now. This should be a wonderful time in your life, but unfortunately, it is not. First and foremost, you need to talk to your doctor. Let her know how depressed you really are. There may be things she can recommend to help with the depression. Also, ask her about resources in your community that might be available to you, such as counseling and support groups. As much as you can, try and surround yourself with positive and supportive people...especially family and friends who love you. Remember that your baby will be just fine without a father in his long as he has a stable mother who loves him and provides for him. Pray for strength...and do not dwell on your ex boyfriend and his situation.. You have more important things to focus your energy on...your baby!