weight gain

  • I weighed 145 when I got pregnant and now Only being 30 weeks i'm at least 202.  Everybody keeps telling me I'm having twins, but the ultra sound shows only one baby.  Anybody else having trouble with weight?   I try watching what I eat and everything

  • Some women just gain weight when they are pregnant. I gained 55lbs with my first child, but most of it was water! As long as your doctor isn't worried about your weight gain, then just focus on eating healthy. When the baby is born, you can begin to focus on losing your baby weight. 

  • I weighted 120 when i was pregnant with my first child and when i went in the day he was born i weighted 185. I left the hospital after having him weighing 137 i retained ALOT of fuild so that could be whats going on with you. I dont think you should be worried if your doctor isnt worried. Im pregnant with my second child and im not really gaining alot of weight this time so far im 5 months along and ive only gained about 7 pounds and my doctor said its fine the baby is big and healthy and since im eating all the time but i have really bad morning sickness this time i may get lucky and nt gain alot like my last one.