nervous mommy-to-be

  •  This is my second pregnancy, I had a miscarriage back in December. I'm about 17 weeks now and I've been diagnosed with placenta previa. I was diagnosed from having bleeding about 2 weeks ago. When I was 7 weeks I had bleeding then too from the placenta tearing away from my uterus. So as you can tell it hasn't been a very pleasant time for me so far. I'm on edge all the time and scared that everytime I go to the bathroom I will see more bleeding, which is a possibility. I know this isn't a very uncommon thing, it's just very nerve wracking to me. I just wish I could enjoy this special time a little more than I already am!!

  • Hi, I know how you feel and it's very hard not worrying. It's actually more stressful on you and the baby. Although I am a worry rat I also pray everyday and night for a healthy baby. I've heard about your condition and it is very scary. You just have to try and be optimistic and do your best to relax and know that it'sout of your hands. Good luckSmile