• Can anyone explain what contractions feel like?  I would like to know as a first time mom to be.  I am 38 weeks and I have been having sharp pains since last night sporadically and still having them this morning.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 38 week checkup and they will start checking me for dialation etc. 

  • My contractions felt like really bad menstraul cramps, just remember to breath. Maybe try focusing on something, like a picture or noise. I had a lot of back labor too so there was someone rubbing my lower back at all times.

  • Hi, it's been a while but they are sharp pains that don't stop when you change position and they may start out at 30 min apart or less and get closer and become more frequent. Please start timing them for the length between each pain and how long each pain lasts...More your doctorBig Smile

  • Contractions will be regular...unlike Braxton Hicks contractions. If you notice that your pains are sporadic and get better if you rest....then it isn't labor. It is just your body preparing for the big day. If it is labor, then it will continue to get closer together and they will become stronger and stronger. If you are concerned or think you may be in labor, call your doctor immediately. Good are in the final stretch now!
  • So was it the real thing? Did you have the baby? You haven't posted anything sinceBig Smile

  • It is braxton hicks I guess...the doctor said I am at about a 1, cervix is softening, and the baby's station is at a -1.  I have been having them since Monday night but they are sporadic and not that bad.  I don't think my baby is going to wait until her due date but you never know.  We will see what happens :)


    thanks for all of the responses!!!