when to buy new bras???

  • I was just wondering when do you think is a good time to buy a new bra? i seem to be too big for the ones i have now, but  i am at only 20 weeks, how much bigger should i expect them to get after i have the baby and my milk begins to come in? (one cup size more or wait) What would you do?

  • Well, I'm not sure when I did it the first time round, but I sometimes buy a bra monthly as it is. I wear them down quickly and now with being 7 weeks pregnant I am about to eliminate the one I purchased last month. I have experience with this because I am obese and had lapband. After that I was having to get fitted quite often.

    The first time I think I had myself fitted and then also bought a maternity/nursing bra. I don't remember being this full.

    But comfort is the key. If those puppies appear to sag or feel uncofortable in your bra, get fitted and buy a new one.

  • Hello there...I had the same question-Since this is my first pregnancy-I purchased my first larger size bras around 18-21 weeks of my pregnancy. From what others moms have told me- just buy as you go. You probably will never be able to predict how large your breasts will grow-so just buy as you need additional bras. I bought the next size and cup size larger and it has worked out great-I am currently 30 weeks and have not had to purchase additional bras...yet. Big Smile Hope that helps.

  • I agree. You shouldnt buy too many because you dont know how much you will grow. this is my second pregnancy and I am only 20 weeks as well. I didnt have to buy new bras because of the cup size but due to elastic being too tight. I bought the extenders for the elastic and this added some comfort. This is an option if the cup size is not the issue.

    Good luck.

  • One of my friends suggested to me that it was easier for her to buy a sports bra rather than regular bra. I did, and it's just a lot more comfortable for me.  Especially when I sleep.  However, every woman is different.   Just another suggestion! Big Smile

  • Good idea mpicon,

    I did buy some bras but took them back because they we're too small and I didn't try them on prior I just bought my same size. Sometimes it seems the girls are growing and then at other times they seem to be shrinking, Idk. I'm also not noticing any milk now so maybe that has something to do with it, Idk, but the smaller the better for me. I still have a ways to goBig Smile

  • I don't know where you are and what stores you have around you.  But word to the wise don't spend alot on new bra's until you are at the end if you will be nursing.  I had to buy a new size right after my first trimester and know that I will have to buy a few more later.  I am 28 weeks and I know I will grow at the end.  I love VS bra's but I will not spend that money on a bra that will only last for a few months.  So I went to a store called Gordman's if you have on by you take a visit there.  They are cute and 5 dollars.  They will at least last for a few months while you are growing and then you don't have to spend alot of money.  Walmart and Target will have some good deals as well.

  • THank you all for your responses! I will keep them all in mind!