Strep B

  • I just got diagnosed with a positive strep B from a culture...I am very worried, has anyone ever been positive?? This is my 3rd pregnancy and with my first two I was negative..

  • I had strep with my first pregnancy, and I will be honest, it made my labor and delivery very difficult. I don't know if it causes different reactions in different woman or not, so don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about it. With my first I had a high fever through out my labor and a bad reaction to the pain medications. It seemed like everything they gave me was not working or would wear off quickly.  My daughter and I had to stay a couple of extra days because of the high fever we both had during and after labor, and it took a a couple of times before she completely passed the hearing tests. My second pregnancy, I did not have strep, and everything went smooth as silk, it was great.. I am not saying that you will have the same problems, because I just don't know. Just gather as much information as you can and talk to your doctor.  Good luck.

  • I did not have it with my 1st but I tested positive for it this time around.  My doc just told me they'll want to hook me up to antibiotics as soon as I get to the hospital in labor to prevent issues.  I've been reading up on everything I can about it.  Most of what I have found has eased my mind.