What's your worst pregnancy symptom??? Click here to VENT!!!!!

  • Okay ladies!!! Here's your chance to vent about your worst pregnancy symptom. I know that we would endure much worse for the chance to carry our children and become mothers-- but sometimes it gets hard. For me...the worst symptom was chronic nasal stuffiness. I was so congested the entire 9 months that I could barely sleep for an hour without waking up because I couldn't breathe. I actually got MORE sleep once my baby arrived!!! Let it out....what is your worst pregnancy symptom?
  • So far my worst symptom is my hip pain!  I fractured my hips while I was in the army.  I am only 13 weeks and it has gone from bad to worse.  I start physical therapy this week.  I made it through the first two months with no sickness... but the past two weeks it has come in full force. 

  • yeah for me it was a runny nose the entire pregnancy!... and severe heart burn EVERYTHING gave me heart burn which made me not able to eat although i was starving most the time..... my overall pregnancy with my son (Cayden) was HORRIBLE!!!.... he was due April 13th 2010... but I went into labor and had him on April 1st (yeah april fools) ...My pregnancy with a my daughter was a breeze!! she is 4 years old

  • i think sciatica has been the worst for me so far, i had it before pregnancy but it is 10 times worse now, sometimes i feel like an 80 year old man gimping around the house!

  • My daughter Madelyn is due July 17th but because of her size they make take her early, I find out in another week. I have had all sorts of weird pregnancy symptoms. I had issues with sciatica in the beggining, I have had pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome (my fingers on my right had have been numb for months, I also wake up and both hands are totally asleep) I have also had swollen feet and ankles since Jan. Heartburn and indigestion throughout. So glad it's almost over!!!!

  • I'm 27 weeks, and the heartburn I have has to be the worst symptom.  It just wont go away, no matter what I take.  Hopefully when the baby comes, the heartburn will go away.

  • HEARTBURN!!!!!  IT feels as if my chest is on fire almost all of the time.

  • it doesn't last all that long, but eat anything with mint. perppermint or spearmint gum even works pretty decent

  • Worst symptom IS the pregnancy 3.5 years AFTER I had my tubes tied! just when I tought I was getting too old for this, (hence why I had them tied), here we go again! it is definately harder the older you get. My worst symptom this time around is the fatigue and shortness of breath. thought it go away after 1st trimester, but just started third and I am as weak as can be. every part of me feels sooo heavy. unfortunately I live in a split level home with more stairs than I can handle.

  • I didnt know I was pregnant until 21 weeks but I think Gas and constipation allong with the fact of I have Fibra myelga maybe not helping me hurt constantly with out being able to control it..

  • Im 18 1/2 weeks now the peeping all the time day n night up all night.. The worse i think is when the baby wants to play tap dancer on my overy and bladder.. Its non stop He is always moving i swear this kid never sleeps ever.. Anyone else having a hyper child as i call him?

  • I have to say that my worst pregnancy symptom by far is extreme nausea and vomiting(hyperemesis). This is my third pregnancy and I had it this bad with my other 2 kids as well. i know that it will eventually subside around 13 weeks which I am now only 8 weeks and 4 days so I have some time to go. It causes me to have to be hospitalized because of dehydration and weight loss. I have to stay positive and know that things won't always be this tough. Any more moms out there suffering from hyperemesis?

  • I tink my worst symptom is whe the nerves in shoulders get pinched and my arm fall asleep when I'm sleeping.

  • Hello Ladies!

    For me the worst has been the fatigue and bloating. The fatigue is so unbelievable!! I'm like a narcoleptic and all I want to do is sleep. I can sleep for hours on end and wake up still feeling like crap that is the worst part. You think at some point okay I've slept enogh to get up and feel great but nope not yet!!! Just still feel crappy!! The fatigue is awful!!

    Second the bloating is horrible!! I feel like a big fat beached whale who can't move half the time and I'm only 13 weeks!!! It's awful! Luckily I haven't been sick once so far so I really try not to complain to horribly bad but man the bloating is just awful.

    I've just recently started having some lower back pain. Trying to walk twice a day and that seems to help that is when I'm not passed out asleep!!!

    Happy Friday expecting moms!!

  • I have fibromyalgia as well.  I was on all kinds of meds and quit cold turkey the second I suspected because all of the meds were unsafe for pregnancy.  I still see my fibro specialist but he says that they really can't do anything other than tylenol until after I deliver.  I am also having a terrible time with my back.  It causes me to have trouble sleeping.  Don't know if it is the pregnancy, fibro or both.  The more my back hurts, the less I sleep and the less I sleep the more my back hurts.  I ordered a pregnancy pillow online and it is supposed to arrive this week.  I pray it helps the way all the reviews say it does.