Baby Shower

  • This is my fifth pregnancy my last one being almost 9yrs ago. I have four daughters and have never had a baby shower, and I was wondering two things one is it wrong to give my own baby shower and two is out of the ordinary to have a first baby shower for the fifth baby. Although this my fifth pregnancy I have nothing left over from my previous babies so this actually feel like my first baby.

  • I know a few people that have even had a second shower, when it is far between the pregnancies.  Some people are offended by it, but usually your friends will not have a problem and be very understanding.

  • I'm so sorry that you haven't had a baby shower for your first four babies - that's sad =(  .  I'm on a different note, as I'm contemplating "not" having a baby shower for my second, since I had my first one in July 2009 (having second on November 2010), and felt like I didn't want people to strangle me for having babies every year. 

    You should, by all means, be able to have a baby shower with your fifth child.  As far as baby-shower etiquette is concerned, if you haven't had a shower before, it is acceptable to have one later.  It is, however, and usually, polite to have ONE baby shower, but two is generally acceptable as long as they are spread out.

    With respects to throwing a shower for yourself, it's unorthodox, and generally not the norm (it's like throwing your own bachelorette party - generally, your maid of honor throws it for you), and your baby shower is organized by your best friends, who isn't your husband.  Although, I must admit, I have been to showers co-organized by a friend and the mom-to-be where they made it co-ed.  This is becoming a little more commonplace, I think.

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with any of the above, but I definitely think that you should have a girlfriend involved in the process.  It is something that your friends should be nice enough to be doing for you...  I've heard of so many nice girls that did not have showers for their babies because their friends did not offer, it's so sad!  Worst case scenario, I think your husband should go hint at someone, in a big way, to throw you a shower, hehe.

    Good luck!!  I hope it all works out.


  • no its not my opinion...especially since its been 9 years since ur last child...


    throw a baby shower for yourself and have fun!!

  • I do not think it is wrong to give your own babyshower because I am having my first baby and I will be throwing my own babyshower although it would be nice for someone to give you, it doesn's really matter who is giving it because at the end all that matters is the baby having what they baby needs.

  • By all means please have a baby shower. If it's not given/offered by anyone else than by all means give it yourself. It will be 11 years since I've had a baby shower and I'm looking forward to doing the registry and getting all the cute little baby things with oohs and ahhs. With my 1st I had 2 showers, not arranged by me of course. My job gave me one of which I got a lot of really nice items including my travel system stroller. I was so surprised and happy. Not to mention the day of the shower I just came back to work from being sick and totally did not have on the cutest outfit had I have known. My 2nd shower given by my cousin, mostly funded by my husband however I received the rest of my items. I didn't register for a crib or any baby furniture since I didn't think anyone would purchase it and we purchased it on our own but I've been to showers where the crib and/or furniture has indeed been purchased so I may just register for it and if I get it great, if not, we will definitely buy it on our own. There is still a recession going on and tons of people laid off. Best of luck and I hope you have the fabulous shower that you deserve.

  • I see no reason as to why you shouldn't have a's your fifth pregnancy, but this will be your first shower.  Go for it. 

    I just had my first child and I mentioned to my sister that we needed to plan a shower.   Since I didn't want to find out the gender of my baby she decided that we would wait until after the baby was born to have the shower.  It was great.  I say this to say that it'sokay for you to mention to a family member or a close friend about planning a shower.  Who cares if you or someone else hosts the shower.

    Have fun and a happy health pregnancy.

  • Thank you all for yor advice, I am going to wait a while to see if anyone else plans one and if not then I will plan it myself